Yoni Crystals

Yoni Crystals have been used by Women in the East for centuries to cultivate vitality, youthfulness, creativity, and sensual-sexual bliss...

Now the Women of the West are tapping into this ancient secret of life-force chi!


Yoni Crystals build strength and flexibility in the Vagina so that she can experience Orgasmic Birthing, Repair after Prolapse and Pregnancy, Deep Cervical Orgasms, Healing from Sexual Trauma, Juiciness during and long after Menopause, Tapping into her Magnetic Abundance and much more Magic!


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Our Yoni Crystals have been sourced direct from mines in Canada, Madagascar and Mexico, making sure no oils, dyes or chemicals are used on the eggs and wands, and that they ethical treat their workers and are paid fairly.


The beautiful packaging and all Yoni Crystals accessories are produced in Bali where we work closely with local artisans and natural, organic, vegan material.


Each crystal is energetically blessed to ensure that Yoni Crystals are resonate to the womb. Founder, Chelsey Lehl, uses her expertise in Crystal Healing to cleanse, charge and program the crystals with unconditional love and the vibrational frequency of their purest, most natural state.


When you invest in our Yoni Crystals you are supporting womb-wellness worldwide! 1% of our profits are donated to charities that support women suffering from sexual trauma & oppression.


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