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Kauai, Hawaii  ~  February - April


Costa Rica  ~  mid April  ~  see 'Retreats' for details


Dubai  ~  late April  ~  see 'Retreats' for details


Glastonbury, UK  ~  May


Amsterdam  ~  May - June


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Awaken Shakti workshop


Your sexuality is spiritual too you know!

This passion packed women's workshop is designed to ignite the feminine fire within and connect you to your most sexy, soulful, confident and powerful self.

Through ancient teachings we will access the deeper aspects of your feminine desires to unleash the empowering energy that ignites your sensuality, creativity, sexuality, passion and real inner confidence.

The Awaken Shakti Workshop

is for You if you want to:

+ Activate Your Powerful Goddess Within!

+ Feel Empowered, Know Your Worth & Ask For What You Want in relationships and life

+ Have Deeper Orgasms, Multiple Orgasms and Full Body Orgasms!

+ Be your most Radiant, Sensual and Feminine self!

+ Experience Sacred Sexuality with or without a partner

+ Attract the Right Partner because You Are Connected to Your Irresistible Energy!

+ Love your Body!

+ Heal any Sexual Trauma from the Past so You can Live with an Open-Heart and Have Healthy Boundaries

+ Have more Energy, Vitality and Creativity in your Life

+ Feel Free and Unashamed in Your Sexuality

+ Experience a Deeper Connection with Yourself, Your Body and Your Relationships

+ Know your Intimate Lady Parts in an Intimate way so you can Drive Him Wild and Be in control of Your Pleasure!

and so much more!

Awaken Shakti

You Have a Power Inside You That Is Beautiful

What You Can Expect in the Awaken Shakti Workshop:

+ The Ancient Tantra Secrets that will ignite your sexy confidence!

+ 3 Powerful Tantric Breaths to create more Energy, Clarity, Arousal, Creativity and Calm

+ Sacred Tantric Breast Massage for an Open Heart, Intimacy and Breast Orgasms

+ 4 Intimacy Building Practices for Your Relationships

+ Understand the 4 major types of Orgasm and how to achieve them all

+ Sensual Yoga Practice to Unlock Your Sexy Soulful Confidence in the bedroom & in business

+ The Tantric Lingam Massage that will Drive Him Wild! (A very special guest will join us to be our Masculine demo model -- trust me you don't want to miss him!)

+ Jade Egg Secrets to balance hormones, increase Vaginal lubrication, Vaginal muscle strength and the ability to come over and over again!



Do I need to bring anything? 

You can bring a towel, yoga mat and journal if you like. Also, a water bottle and a snack if you get hungry within 4 hrs ;) Other than that, bring an open mind and heart and lets get down to igniting your sexy confidence!

Do I have to share personal details about my sexuality and life?

Let's get one very important detail straight right now ok... You never need to do anything you don't want to. That is Rule #1! This is your time to break through your own barriers and that requires you to know how far to push through discomfort and know what feels safe to you. I am here to create a safe space for you to feel as comfortable as possible to share anything that you need to in order to get that sexy confidence breakthrough, but like I said,  I would never force you to share or do anything you don't want to. You're going to learn so much with the techniques and just by applying the tools, you'll start to see shifts (which is way more powerful than just talking about our issues anyway!).

Is there nudity in this workshop?

There will be boobs! But you will be so comfortable with everyone else by then that it seriously won't phase you. Plus you'll be so focussed on your own boobs and everyone else will be focussed on their own too! There are women of all shapes and sizes at these workshops. This workshop is designed to push your comfort zone a little because that is where we really grow and can see breakthroughs happen in our life, but trust me, it's all very sacred, safe, confidential and contained.

Oh, and there will be one naked man for the Lingam massage demo. I promise, he is completely delicious and you will want to witness this!

Hi Lillie!

It was the most incredible weekend. Your workshop healed me in ways I didn’t even know I still needed healing in. I feel incredible! I’ve never felt so overflowing with love and joy as I do now. Unknowingly your workshop was exactly what I went there to discover. You’re energy is so healing and beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us and creating such a beautiful space for all of us. I learned so much just from meeting you.

Is the O Manifest program all online? Because this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! (without ever even knowing it)! I would love to join!
— Awaken Shakti (Spring Frequency Festival) Workshop Participate
“When I committed to attending one of Lillie’s sensuality workshops, I must admit, I was quite nervous. I would not say I am prudish, nor sexually introverted but the idea of openly encouraging my sexual energy around others did make me feel self-conscious and want to run. However, I made myself go. Once I arrived the atmosphere of the room was very calming and Lillie made me feel instantly comfortable. Lillie guided the class with ease and without judgment making me feel relaxed and open to the experience. Afterwards I felt energized and a sense of relief and realization within my own personal self. I will definitely be returning. This class also gives you the amazing opportunity to be surrounded by strong and caring women who are not there to judge but to experience and grow with you.”
— Amanda LaTrobe, Actress/Producer, Los Angeles
“Working with Lillie in her workshop was truly a transformative experience. She combines body movement, breathing, intention & visualization to create a full body experience that any woman, artist, human being could get so much out of.”
— Whitney Anderson, Actress, Los Angeles
“I grew up thinking that my sexuality was something obscene and dirty that must be hidden, that it wasn’t okay for me to love my body unless it was ‘perfect’, and that other women were my competition. Lillie Claire’s approach to defeating these destructive thought patterns is as gentle and accessible as she is, even for a self proclaimed ‘yoga novice’. I left her workshop overflowing with the juicy, revitalizing energy that comes from truly connecting with other women, and myself, in a sacred, safe space. Thank you Lillie!”
— Marissa Wynne, Actress, Los Angeles
“Since I’ve known Lillie, she has been involved with some education to better herself. After taking class with her, I realized the breadth of knowledge she has to share. She is an incredible insightful and healing presence. From sensuality to spirituality to physical health and awareness Lillie has so much to offer, especially to women. Her class offered a safe space for me to express my physical body and my mind with other women, which was very healing. I have found that since taking class with Lillie, I’ve grown in my awareness around my own relationship to myself, my body and how I relate when I am in a relationship. It’s really helped and I can’t wait to keep learning with Lillie!”
— Kat Crawley, Actress/Singer, Los Angeles
“Lillie puts me at ease. She has an alchemic combination of grace and spontaneity. In her workshops, I feel safe to explore without self-consciousness. She is so genuine in her desire to support my joy and discovery! When I feel silly about trying a new way of moving, a glance at Lillie and I would remember that we are both there to learn and to enjoy. Her kind smile is encouraging and her thoughtful instructions clearly explain the techniques of breath, movement and thought.
I am grateful to know a teacher who conveys such well-researched and vital information. After practicing with Lillie, I feel invigorated, calm and sexy. The feeling lingers long after the class!
Thank you, Lillie!”
— Sarah Rish, Writer, Los Angeles