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I work exclusively with select individuals who are ready to dive into the depths of what is possible for them to live fully and freely. This is a commitment to yourself.

Are you ready to actively and passionately participate in your life?!


Let's go!

Are you looking for real love? I mean, not just the fuzzy, warm feelings of the emotional love (which is nice too), but the deeper, more profound, accepting and expanding aspect of true, unconditional love?

This kinda love is a magnificent journey to undertake. This is what it means to come home to the Self, to Your Highest Potential, to your Heart & Soul, to living your most Passionate life.

If you want to feel:

+ A deeper connection to yourself, to others & to the mystery of life

+ Serious inner peace (not worry, anxiety, anger, resentment, shame, guilt or depression!)

+ Deep desire and passion, for whatever you deeply desire & are passionate about!

+ Free of your past!

+ Happy, healthy and vital!

+ Connected to your work and your purpose in an empowering way

+ More clear on what you want, confident to ask for what you want

+ Confident to set & keep healthy boundaries in relationships

+ Attract more inner & outer abundance!

+ Know who you are and you're comfortable and happy to be you!

Ever heard of pussy power?

It's a real thing.

Your sensual energy is your power. 

Learn to tap into your sensual energy and harness it's power to create, attract and energize your whole life!

Do you want to create:

+ A badass job ?

+ A hot relationship ?

+ A confidence that is unstoppable and attracts the opportunities you know you deserve ?

Do you want to feel:

+ Like a Goddess ?

+ Sensual, sexy & succesful ?

+ Embodied and free ?

+ Pleasure (yes, more please!)

+ Uninhibited, comfortable in your skin and adored ?

YES ? 

Then it is time for you to step it up, Woman, and claim that Sensual Power.

It is time for you to OWN IT. 

Finding your life partner, your soul mate, your twin flame is a journey in itself. 

Ultimately, we don't know why some people find their "other half" and for others, they don't.

But, there is a system, it's almost scientific in its approach, to create the space in your life to call your lover to you. It's all about you being ready for them to show up.

"Being ready" is actually more about your subconscious mind rather than your heart saying "I'm ready."

Here is a fact: If you don't have what you want in your life right now, then you are not in alignment with it on a subconscious level, and that is the level that really matters.

Our subconscious is the control system for our life and so we will rewire anything that is not in alignment with what you say you want. 

Then, you will have what you want. And if you want your Man, then you got it babe.

Are you ready?


Starts back June 7th 2017

A 6 Month Coaching Program to ignite your sensual power and attract wealth!

What others are saying about this work:

"Private Tantra sessions and life coaching with Lillie has been instrumental in opening up doors for me internally and externally. I came to Lillie with a desire to create more open heart connections in my life in pursuit of deepening and exploring authentic relationships. The breast massage has been an amazing tool! It not only opened me up creatively but helped move and connect energy in my body. Not only does it feel good but the results since starting in my life have been astronomically good and improved my quality people that I surround myself with! Not only does the work keep me open to the endless possibility of love for these people but I am a better receptacle for receiving their love and feeling worthy of it. It has helped nurture my desperate need for self love something which was once a foreign concept to me but now flourishes richly in my life! I would encourage everyone to explore this work as I am grateful daily for it."

~Claire Cohen

"After the breast massage with Lillie Claire Love, I instantly felt alive, sensual and oh so JUICY. I didn’t realize how at times my breasts felt numb, and just by receiving safe energy from Lillie, I was able to thaw out and allow the SENSUAL bliss I deserved to course through my body. I wanted to be touched lightly, lovingly and honored for the Goddess that I AM… and she showed me what that felt like. She helped me to RE-MEMBER my TRUTH and to unapologetically radiate my SHINE. Because of this experience, I realized my communication increased… I was able to ask for what I wanted. I was able to say NO, stop, that’s too harsh… be gentler. I was able to learn how to continuously HONOR my energy and release all the trauma from the past. Every time I see Lillie, I remember this experience and instantly the sensual bliss courses through my body. The issues live in our tissues and with this practice, we can gently and lovingly come back to ourselves." 

~Huda Musa of ReBalance You (

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