Are you ready to spend one day being completely SELF-FULL?


I know you.

You work hard.

But you rarely feel that it's enough.

You gotta do more, be more, tick all the boxes and wear all the hats.

And you're good at it.

You can handle it.

Truly, you're badass.


But, if you're real with yourself.

When you do take a moment to breathe... 

you feel it...


You feel tired.

the weight.

EVERYTHING that you carry for others.

all the pressure you put on yourself to do & be it all.


You long to be held and to be the one who gets to rest.


Wouldn't it be nice if you could JUST be taken care oF?


Well, baby, it's your tURN.

It's time for you to receive.

“Lillie Love attended my Goddess Retreat as my Guest Speaker to share her Beautiful gifts with my Goddess Babes & it was up leveled Amazingness! Thanks so much Lillie for sharing your gifts :)”
— Marci Lock, International Coach & Speaker
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