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As I started to peel back the layers of emotional toxins from my life, my body started to be cleansed of the physical toxins too.

I became more sensitive to what my body needed and I actually desired to eat in a way that was what my body thrived on!

I sought out information and products that would support me Holistically and I found Purium. 

Purium has supported me to get my health back after having Adrenal Fatigue and it can support you too.

Purium Superfoods are 100% Organic, Vegan, and Gluten Free.

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When you get all-natural superfoods into your body on a daily basis, it changes everything. You may experience improved energy, sleep, digestion, mental clarity, and so much more. Purium has created three ‘go-to’ products that will infuse your body with nutrients and build a foundation for overall health.

Join me on a 10 day Cleanse!

You can still eat organic food or you can choose to do the full cleanse with superfood shakes and supplements only!



Anyone who wants to lose weight, break food addictions, cleanse their bodies, and reset their metabolism.


A 10-day anabolic program that floods your body with nutrients while purging harmful toxins from your system.


Hit the reset button. Take a 10 day vacation from processed foods. Jump start a healthy lifestyle and drop weight at the same time. You will lose fat, not muscle and water weight, and your newly charged metabolism will help keep the weight off! Once you complete the 10 days, your body will be programmed to want more - more nutrients, more healthy foods, more good choices.


These five products are all you need. Follow the simple schedule I give you and take your Super Amino 23, Apothe-Cherry, Power Shake, Super Lytes, and Daily Fiber Blend every day for 10 days. The program also allows three Flex Foods per day, and the pack comes with a tape measure to track your progress and a Blender Bottle for supplements on-the-go!


After the cleanse you can choose to continue with your Core3 to maintain Health & Energy until your next inner spring cleanse! 

My Recommendations

Drink the L.O.V. Super Meal Shake (Original) - this is packed with Superfoods, low in sugar, and provides the optimum nutrition your body needs daily. The other things you will want daily is the Aminos and if you body can handle the natural sugar (you're not dealing with symptoms of fatigue, brain fog or autoimmune disease) then have the Apothe Cherry also.

Check out all the goodness on the label for the shake (all grains are Sprouted - everything is Organic):

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I have created some juicy options for yoU

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10 Day Cleanse + Emails

Get the 10 day cleanse with $50 off using my name as the special code.

You will get a Healthy Meal Guide


I will be checking in with you via email to support you on the cleanse!

Total: $230

(includes PLC membership to save 30% on future orders)

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10 day cleanse plus VIP coaching

Get the 10 day cleanse with $50 off,

a Healthy Meal Guide,

Email support,


60 min private coaching via skype

Total: $330*

(includes PLC membership to save 30% on future orders and SAVE $200 on coaching session!)


10 day cleanse, VIP coaching & The Goddess Healing Code Course

Everything previous included


The Goddess Healing Code Online Course

Access to the growing resources and community in the VIP FB group!

Total: $530*

(includes PLC membership to save 30% on orders, SAVE $200 on coaching session & SAVE $560 a year on The Goddess Healing Code Ongoing Group Course!)

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