Sovereign Sacred Sensual

A holistic Women’s SELF Healing Program


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It's time to feel good & live a life of flow



Dive into the Divine

Dance with your deepest Desires

Discover your Delicious Dharma


Over three weeks we will explore the three power centers for Women.


These Power points are where a Woman (You!) come into the depths of your Highest Truth, your Sacred Pleasure,

your deep Inner Trust and Wisdom, and your Souls Greatest Purpose.


Not to mention your Health, Wealth and Relationships skyrocket with rainbows and butterflies too!


What are these Power centers?


It is your Womb, Heart, and Higher Self.


You may already feel connected to these power places. Or you may feel disconnected.


Wherever you are at in relation to one or all of them is perfect. We are going to take it to the next level for you.


In this course you will have the proven tools to manifest the life that you truly are here to live.



this course is for the woman who

*Wants to discover the deep wellspring of wisdom and pleasure within

*Desires to feel her sexuality as sacred

*Is ready to break through the layers of shame and pain that hold her back

*Knows she has way more potential that she's currently tapping into

*Feels stuck, stagnant or in scarcity

*Wants to learn Orgasmic manifesting mojo

*Is a Artist, Healer and Entrepreneur at Heart and needs some extra confidence to follow her own path

*Has Hormonal issues and is ready for a holistic life and body overhaul for good! 

*Has longings in her Heart and creations in her belly that are burning to be born!


What you get

*Lifetime access

*3 Modules with Multiple Video Practices in each for deep guidance

*3 recorded Energy Clearing Calls

*BONUS Yoni Egg Guided Practice

*BONUS Self Breast Massage Guided Video

*BONUS Sensual Booty Workout

*BONUS Guided Audio for Orgasmic Manifesting

*BONUS PDF for Hormonal Balancing & Cellular Detoxification

*BONUS Journal Prompts for re-programming the old shame stories around sex, your body, money & men

*Goddess Ascended Master Mentorship

*Homeplay to deepen your embodiment

*Sisterhood with a private FB group

(where we can show up exactly as we are and get stellar support)



I'm going to be real with you


Here is the truth Sister.


You don't feel the way you wanna feel or have the kind of career, relationships, bank account or experiences

you deeply long for because you are out of *alignment* with it.


There aint no shame in that. We are all on the path to getting in total alignment with our Soul.


Alignment simply means you have ALL of your ENERGY focussed in a clear direction that is right for you.


It's the unique blueprint that your Soul has come here to embody.


But for some reason you can't quite get all the parts of you into the perfect alignment,

to focus your full energy to manifest what you want..


When you are in alignment (the opposite of resistance, anxiety and struggle) then your life flows.


You feel goooood. Like really really effing good.


You meet the kind of man that you always wished for but believed he was a fantasy.


You feel so connected, in love with and free in your body.


You express your truth with ease and grace.


You walk with confidence and people notice you from across the room.


Your finances flow with effortless abundance.


You do what you loooove. Travel, play, creativity, you make a difference with purposeful work in the world!


You live Orgasmically and Organically.


I promise you. It's not a fairytale. You can live the kind of life your Soul is calling (maybe screaming) for you to live.


You just gotta get ALL of YOU into Alignment.


This is what you are here for. Still reading. Cause you are ready to do that. 


You are worthy of having it all Goddess


Annnd I have two more bonus surprises for you!




Guided Kundalini Yoga Practices with Expert Meisha Dev Avtar


Cellular Detoxification Guidance with Expert Alexandra Cousins

I have personally been working with these two Goddesses on deep reprogramming of the Body, Mind and Soul.

Ooomfff I can't even tell you in words what a difference their work has made for me in such a short time!

I have more energy than I've ever had, I feel strong in my body, I feel sharp in my mind

and the layers of old belief systems are falling off me so fast! 

It was a no brainer to ask them to join us and give you gals the same

guidance that is skyrocketing my health, creativity, business and heart right now!


Total Value of Program is



Value Breakdown


The Foundation Sessions

Bliss Breathing $47

Microcosmic Orbit $47

Micro-Cosmic Orbit & Chakras PDF $27

Secret Squeeze $47

Featherlight Touch $47

Circles & Tilts $47

Sensual Booty workout $97

Calling in Your Loving Guides $27

Invocation to Durga for Boundaries $27

Goddess Reading List $27

Understanding Healing PDF $27

Total for The Foundation Sessions: $467

Awakening our Wombs

New Womb Story $27

Sensual Healing Playlists $17

Tools for Womb Healing $27

Womb Rebirth $97

Womb Massage $97

Guided Audio Yoni Egg Practice $47

Total for Awakening your Womb sessions: $312

Opening our Hearts

Heart Stretch $47

Breast Massage $197

Inner Child Aspecting $27

Total for Opening your Heart sessions: $271

Embodying our Higher Self

Wearing Your Crown $47

Guided Future Self Meditation $27

Activate your Third Eye Wisdom $47

Awaken your Intuition $47

Total for Embodying your Higher Self sessions: $168

BONUS: Magnificent Body

Adaptogens & Herbs $27

Cellular Detoxification through Living Mucus Free $27

Self Care Health Care $27

Total for BONUS #1: $81

BONUS: Magnetic Money

Morning Abundance Meditation $27

Letter to Money $27

Your Money Story $27

Orgasmic Manifestation Practice $147

Total for BONUS #2: $228

BONUS: Mind Mastery

You are the Creator $47

Reframing $47

Getting to the root $47

Total for BONUS #3: $141

BONUS: MANifesting

Guided Lovers Eye Gazing Practice $47

Letter to the Masculine $27

Knowing my Values $27

Total for BONUS #4: $101

BONUS Monthly Live Call Q&A: $197 monthly X ongoing

BONUS Ongoing Support in Private VIP Facebook group: $197 x ongoing

{These last two BONUSES really are Priceless! I charge my clients $5k + for this kind of daily attention}

Total value of program is worth: $2163


Your Price is



This course will never be this price again! 

With our Guest Mentorship alone this course is a steal!


Sign up now sister

Add on 1:1 60min session with Lillie for only $222, usually $333!


Still sitting on the fence?

Babe, every time I commit to VALUING myself by investing $$$ into myself (money that my mind says I can't "afford" to spend...

umm actually I can't afford to stay stuck in scarcity!), well, the transformation I receive back is 100 fold in value.

It comes back to me in all sorts of ways. More money, more confidence, more self love, more creativity, more aligned opportunities, more dreams made manifest!

Making the investment and commitment to show up for myself (and actually doing the practices that make me feel better)

will light a fire in your heart so bright that all that you desire will be drawn to you with ease. 

Plus, I'll be walking along side you to light a fire under your ass too ;)


So let's do this babe.

Let's get you ignited to live Sovereign Sacred and Sensual!


This is me and all your Angel friends celebrating you right now!