You Are a

Feminine Leader

Are you ready to Reclaim, Remember and Rise

into who you really are?

It's time to go beyond the story you have known...


It's time to be the creator of your life

and write the story that ignites you

with peace, pleasure, power & purpose


This is what it means to come home to the Self,

to Your Highest Potential, to your Heart & Soul,

to living your most Passionate life.



Walk with me

I am a Intuitive, a channel for Divine Inspiration and Messages to speak to your Highest Self so you may live your most Purposely Passionate Life.

What I do best is teach women, like you, how to put themselves first and live a life of ease, grace, passion, abundance, pleasure, courage and love.

By combining ancient Women's practices with modern Woman practicality, I tailor our work to suit your uniqueness, and the results are Epically Powerful in all areas of your life.

After working with hundreds of women over the past few years, and through my own Self Healing Empowerment Journey, I have discovered what works.

I work exclusively with select individuals who are ready to dive into the depths of what is possible for them to live fully and freely. This is a commitment to yourself.


I will TEACH you how to access, connect with, nurture and manifest with, your Sexual Creative Life Energy.

I will SUPPORT you like a best friend who says it like it is and with a lotta love.

I will GUIDE you into the deepest, most powerful parts of you, so you know exactly what is right for you with any decision.

I will SHOW you how to process emotions, trauma and stress with ease to let go of the past that is holding you back from your most powerful present.

I will REFLECT to you your progress, shifts, achievements and growth.

I will ENCOURAGE you to walk with an open heart and attract the Relationships, Opportunities and Abundant Lifestyle you deserve.

I will WALK with you into the unknown parts of yourself to unlock your greatest potential.




There are a few ways we will work, all of it builds on each other and often is not linear,

depending on where you are individually at:


    This means we look at where you are not aligned to what you say you want & get you aligned.

    We will be uncovering your resistances, old stories, shame, fear and unprocessed pain points to free you of the past so you can have all your energy to focus into the now.

    The main Shadow Archetypes we will be working with are

    The Inner Critic, Saboteur and Wounded Inner Child.

    (It may sound like the un-fun part but trust me, this work is what clears the way to the fun stuff!)


    Now that we got all that crap out of the way you can really start to receive what you want in life, love and your bank account - because you are living as the Conscious Creator of your life.

    Sovereignty is Embodying your Inner Authority - you learn how to command miracles, trust your intuition and take everything that comes to you as an Opportunity to become more Empowered!

    The Empowered Queen, The Magical Child and The Fierce Mother are activated for clear boundaries, self worth and Abundance consciousness.

    (So many Women discover their Inner Artist, Healer and Teacher in these sessions which can often look like starting their own businesses and re-creating their life to be on path with their Highest Excitement and Soul Purpose)


Here you learn to harness the Power of your Sexual energy to Awaken the deeper Healing Potential of your Mind, Body and Spirit.

This is what ROCKET FUELS your Creations and your Relationships to the next level of BLISS.  

You will feel Connected, Embodied and Free in your Sensuality, Creativity and Passionate Purpose!

We work with the Goddess’ Aphrodite, Bast and Mary Magdalene to really find out what Empowered Femininity and Sacred Sexuality is in a real tangible and healthy way.

4. Purpose

Ok, we are Aligned, Sovereign, In our Power and now.. we get to Play! Here we come into our Purpose. Our Big Why and our Selfish Why not!

Some things women report feeling when working with me:

“I feel sensual, sexy & successful”

“More Pleasure and Love!”

“Uninhibited, comfortable in my skin and adored”

“A deeper connection to myself, to others & to the mystery of life”

“Serious inner peace (not worry, anxiety, anger, resentment, shame, guilt or depression)”

“Connected to my purpose and work in the world in an excited and empowering way”

“More clear on what I want and confident to ask for what I want”

“Know who I am and feel so in love with myself!”

“Confidence to set healthy boundaries in relationships”

“Attractive to more inner & outer abundance”

“Deep desire and passion”

“Happy, healthy and vital”

“Free of my past”


It is time for you to step it up, Dear Woman, and claim your Aligned, Sovereign, and Powerful Life!

It is time for you to OWN IT. 


The Deep Process is about Remembering who you really are,


Under all the stories, all the identities, all the illusions that you are not powerful or worthy.


It's about making peace with that power that is you and remembering your power is from love.


Here is a fact: If you don't have what you want in your life right now, if you're not feeling the way you want to feel, then you are not in alignment with it on a subconscious level, and that is the level that really matters.


Our subconscious is the control system for our life, we will rewire anything that is not in alignment with what you say you want. 


Then, you will have what you want.

So let’s get you into alignment and living in your Powerful, Pleasurable Purpose!

 The Sessions:


One Off Tune Up

1 session / 60mins / Online

We bust through some BS Belief Systems and you get some tools to support your Remembering

$ 333


Queen reset immersion

3 Month Commitment / 90min Video Calls / 1:1 Online Coaching

In a committed container of 3 months we meet 3 x a Month, 1 week off for Integration of the work

***RECOMMENDED for those who have low -self esteem, trauma, and/or fear of their sexual power or just want to go deeper and higher in their FULL SELF UNLEASHED***


>>> Pay Upfront and receive $600 off now <<<


Queen Rebirth Journey

6 Month Commitment / 90min Video Calls / 1:1 Online Coaching

In a committed container of 6 months we meet 3 x a Month, 1 week off for Integration of the work

***RECOMMENDED for those who have low -self esteem, trauma, and/or fear of their sexual power or just want to go deeper and higher in their FULL SELF UNLEASHED***


>>> Pay Upfront and receive $1423 off now <<<


Private Retreat Packages

VIP One Day / 6 hours / *In Person

*Priced in Full - includes Lillie's Travel and Accommodation costs / Travel over 5 hrs may incur additional charge

We expand your sense of self to a space that you cannot go back to forgetting how magnificent you are

$ 3333


VIP Two Days / 6 hours each / *In Person

*Priced in Full - includes Lillie's Travel and Accommodation costs / Travel over 5 hrs may incur additional charge

We plug deep into your Higher Self in ceremonial space and set you free to soar

$ 5555


Get the combined 6 month Queen Rebirth Coaching package & 2 Day VIP In Person Retreat and save!

Retreat only $4444!

Again, here are the Package Options:

🔥$1200 pay per month

🔥3 months upfront is $3000 (save $600)

🔥 6 months upfront is $5777 (save $1423)

🔥1 Day VIP Retreat is $3333

🔥2 Day VIP Retreat is $5555 (or $4444 with Queen Rebirth package)

The lowdown and logistics of all you get: 

🔥3 x 90min calls and integration week with action/practice steps per month

🔥Access to Sovereign Sacred Sensual online course

 🔥Bonus Guided audio Energy clearings, Ancestor and Inner Child Meditations

🔥Yoni Egg Guidance Ebook

 🔥Holistic Hormonal Health support portal

 🔥Special VIP offers to my other Group Courses, Events & Retreats

 🔥Additional Marco Polo, WhatsApp and or Email support in Biz hours (9-5 Mon-Fri)

Juicy Optional Add On 🔥🔥🔥

 VIP Coaching In Person Package ~ 2 Days of deep dive energetic upleveling, Goddess Puja, nourishing lunches and adventures!

Usually $5555 - With 6 month package is $4444 (my travel and accommodation inc in the USA)!


You can APPLY for coaching here

Then book a consultation here


What others are saying about this work:

“Starting this journey I was hopeful, but I didn't expect such a profound impact! I feel deeply transformed, enriched, grateful, understood, 100% inspired. I have gained beautiful new perspective on my moon cycle, connection to my womb and relationship with Divine Masculine (instead of man's ego). I noticed how instantly things started to change - I started feeling more, my heart opened up for strangers, even my income has increased in just the first 3 weeks, can you believe it? Thank you so much, it has been the most powerful experience in my life so far. You are such a badass and game changer in bringing the Feminine back in full power in this world, I appreciate you so much sister, you are true blessing to all of us.”

- Stephanie

"Private Tantra sessions and life coaching with Lillie has been instrumental in opening up doors for me internally and externally. I came to Lillie with a desire to create more open heart connections in my life in pursuit of deepening and exploring authentic relationships. The breast massage has been an amazing tool! It not only opened me up creatively but helped move and connect energy in my body. Not only does it feel good but the results since starting in my life have been astronomically good and improved my quality people that I surround myself with! Not only does the work keep me open to the endless possibility of love for these people but I am a better receptacle for receiving their love and feeling worthy of it. It has helped nurture my desperate need for self love something which was once a foreign concept to me but now flourishes richly in my life! I would encourage everyone to explore this work as I am grateful daily for it."

- Claire Cohen, Actress


“I just wanted to let you know what a profound shift I felt after our session the other day. After our session I felt so soft inside my body. I also felt a shift in terms of the desire for partnership. I noticed the thoughts I would have around wanting a guy, but it was different. The best way I can describe it is that the jagged edge was gone. It didn't scrape my insides apart like it used to. I felt more able to trust, to soften and to inhabit my desire for true intimacy without feeling lacking/unworthy. I am profoundly grateful for all that I have gotten from the SL&FP course and our first session together."

- Laurel Prince, Nurse turned Hoop Dancer & Workshop Leader


"After the breast massage with Lillie Claire Love, I instantly felt alive, sensual and oh so JUICY. I didn’t realize how at times my breasts felt numb, and just by receiving safe energy from Lillie, I was able to thaw out and allow the SENSUAL bliss I deserved to course through my body. I wanted to be touched lightly, lovingly and honored for the Goddess that I AM… and she showed me what that felt like. She helped me to RE-MEMBER my TRUTH and to unapologetically radiate my SHINE. Because of this experience, I realized my communication increased… I was able to ask for what I wanted. I was able to say NO, stop, that’s too harsh… be gentler. I was able to learn how to continuously HONOR my energy and release all the trauma from the past. Every time I see Lillie, I remember this experience and instantly the sensual bliss courses through my body. The issues live in our tissues and with this practice, we can gently and lovingly come back to ourselves." 

~Huda Musa, ReBalance You (


I'm healing in ways I didn’t even know I still needed healing in. I feel incredible! I’ve never felt so overflowing with love and joy as I do now. You’re energy is so healing and beautiful! Thank you for creating such a beautiful space for me.

- Kiana, Entrepreneur


This is your time.


Are you ready to Rise?



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