Sex, Lies & Feminine Power

A 3-week online based course for the modern woman who wants better sex, more authenticity in her relationships and to truly live as the powerful woman she is.


Learn Tantric practices for mind-blowing pleasure (partner not needed!)

Get clear of the shit that keeps you from being happy and free!

Step into living your full feminine potential!

All from the comfort of your own home!

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Here is what others said about the course: 

"Hi Lillie. I just wanted to let you know what a profound shift I felt after our session the other day. After our session I felt so soft inside my body. I also felt a shift in terms of the desire for partnership. Even specifically with the man I had mentioned in my email that I was attracted to. I noticed the thoughts I would have around wanting him but it was different. The best way I can describe it is that the jagged edge was gone. It didn't scrape my insides apart like it used to. I felt more able to trust, to soften and to inhabit my desire for true intimacy without feeling lacking/unworthy. I am profoundly grateful for all that I have gotten from the course and our session together."

— Lola

"This work with Lillie has been instrumental in opening up doors for me internally and externally. I came to Lillie with a desire to create more open heart connections in my life in pursuit of deepening and exploring authentic relationships. The Breast massage practice not only opened me up creatively but helped move and connect energy in my body. Not only does it feel good but the results since starting in my life have been astronomically good and improved my quality people that I surround myself with. Not only does the work keep me open to the endless possibility of love for these people but I am a better receptacle for receiving their love and feeling worthy of it. It has helped nurture my desperate need for self love something which was once a foreign concept to me but now flourishes richly in my life. I would encourage everyone to explore this work as I am grateful daily for it."

— Claire

“Like most women I know, I grew up thinking that my sexuality was something obscene and dirty that must be hidden, that it wasn’t okay for me to love my body unless it was ‘perfect’, and that other women were my competition. Lillie’s approach to defeating these destructive thought patterns is as gentle and accessible as she is...I left her course overflowing with the juicy, revitalizing energy that comes from truly connecting with other women, and myself, in a sacred, safe space. Thank you Lillie!”

— Marissa

“Lillie puts me at ease. She has an alchemic combination of grace and spontaneity...I feel safe to explore without self-consciousness. She is so genuine in her desire to support my joy and discovery! I am grateful to know a teacher who conveys such well-researched and vital information. After working with Lillie, I feel invigorated, calm and sexy. The feeling lingers long after the course!”
— Sarah

"Lillie offers a healing environment that creates honest intimacy. I was able to get in touch with my own sensuality while staying in tune with my partner. This has really been a wonderful experience with new sensations every session." 

— Rachel

"Through working with Lillie, I have connected with my sexuality and femininity which before was clouded in shame and fear. I now enjoy sex and deep intimacy with my partner and I don't sabotage myself when good things come into my life! My whole perspective has changed on relationships and I have hope again! Thank you Lillie!"

— Kate