No BS Tantra presents…

Reclaiming Our Sexual Sovereignty

An Exquisite Exploration of Desire, Consent & Connection


10 AM – 6 PM


~~~ ♥ ~~~

In an era of neo Tantra in the West and #MeToo, how do we truly do the deep work of reclaiming our sexual selves as whole and Sovereign?

How do we share our Sovereign desires with the world with exquisite care and deep reverence?

How do we honor our Primal Desire and listen to the subtle Needs and No's of our most vulnerable parts -- and that in our lovers?

Do we really know what we want? Or are we simply rebelling against the shackles of shame and calling it Sovereign?

Can we truly learn to integrate and harness the potency of our Sexual Creative Life energy and direct it for the change we wish to see in our world?

Are we ready to weave our Human, Hearts and Higher Selves? 

Join us to ::

+ Deepen your approval and intimacy with your own sexual energy

+ Discover facility in knowing and expressing your own desire with others

+ Hold your center and communicate your boundaries in the presence of someone else's desire

+ Listen more deeply and respond more wisely to the desires and boundaries of others than ever before

+ Explore the many beautiful thresholds between FUCK YES and HELL NO

+ Experience more safety and a sense of ease in your body in the presence of desire -- yours and others'

+ Gain deeper understanding of consent and boundaries that create safety in relationships and sexual intimacy

+ Feel inspired to bring greater intimacy, radical transparency and authenticity into the relationships that matter most to you

+ Recognise the power of sexual energy as fuel for personal growth and cultural transformation

+ Release shame and reclaim your birthright to pleasure

+ Reconnect Heart, Spirit & Sex

+ Connect deeply with a tribe of like-hearted souls

+ Feel connected to yourself and your partner more deeply

+ Experience pussies dripping, cocks hard and hearts open :D

We are offering this exquisite experience to a select group of people at a reduced rate, because we are filming the event for educational and promotional purposes.

Coming to this event is your implicit permission to be filmed and have that footage be used at our discretion. 

If at any point you choose to take your clothes off, we won't use any footage that contains nudity without consent.

The event location will be within 30mins of Downtown Santa Cruz and released to you once you have confirmed your spot!

If you were NOT invited directly by Joshua or Lillie and would like to attend, please send us a quick email before purchasing a ticket.

Single people and those in intimate relationship dynamics are welcome to join via receiving this invitation only event.


10 AM – 6 PM


Single : $108
Couple : $188 

Get your spot now!


Join us to truly embody Desire without Demand

and create a safer world for everyone's sexuality.