Your Sexual Energy is Creative Life-Force Energy.

This energy is the energy that brings your dreams to life.

We can create life (eg. a baby) through sex, and we can also create money, call in our life partner, or write the book we have always dreamed of writing.


We can create anything when we tap into the flow of life energy.

When we consciously use pleasure, sensuality and orgasm to create our dreams into reality we are unstoppable in our life. There is no limit to this energy and what we can create with it. 

To be clear: 

Your sensuality is not about the act of having sex. It is about how you experience the world through your senses and how you feel about yourself as a sensual being.

You DO NOT need a partner to tap into your sensuality and pleasure to create abundance in your life!


If you are not manifesting your dreams in an easy, clear and joyful way, this is a signal that you are not connected to your own sexual, creative energy and that there are blocks within your psyche that prevent the abundant flow.

It will be pointless and exhausting for you to try to create something when you have these blocks to the flow in your life.

Together we will identify & clear the deep subconscious blocks to your life wealth. We will plant new seeds of self-worth and open you to expand the flow of your sexuality, money, creativity, career and relationships. 

The techniques, practices, energy work and clearings will ignite your life from the inside out!

You will benefit with an increase in your pleasure, joy, connection, self-love, passion, drive, vitality, more opportunities, ideas, AND MONEY

Join the O Manifest Group Coaching Program & Live the Life You Dream Of

This 6 month coaching program will transform your life and increase your income!

You will feel supported, you will build a consistent abundance practice to attract wealth and success, you will be clearing away what was in the way, you will be surrounded by a team of cheerleaders and you will see the results in your life in a powerful way.

O MANIFEST IS Now evergreen!


HERE'S What O MANIFEST can do for your life!

O MANIFEST is a coaching program that gives you the tools, techniques, and support to unlock your inner manifesting power and to receive the abundance you deserve, all while feeling full of juicy pleasure, vitality and passion.

You will:

♥ Discover a wealth of power and vital energy inside of yourself and you will learn how to harness that power to create the life you always dreamt of living.

♥  Clarity for your life vision, purpose, and passion so that you can begin living your authentic life.

♥ Connect with your inner creative power and begin to have more inner & outer abundance.

Learn how to break through limiting beliefs and emotional baggage, even if you’ve carried them around since child-hood.

 Easily identify and release money “blocks” that have kept you from material prosperity… so that you can finally enjoy wealth and abundance.

 Live with a renewed confidence, gratitude, and enthusiasm for yourself and life.

♥ Experience deeper, more satisfying personal relationships.

♥ Quickly improve your health, energy, and vitality so that you can experience the wonders that life has to offer.

♥ Develop consistency in your daily thoughts and actions, so that you can make progress every day toward your goals.

♥ Put the Law of Abundance & Law of Attraction to work for you to get amazing results in every area of your life.

Experience deeper pleasure in your body, expansive full body and multiple Orgasms, while making more money and living your dream life.

And much, much more!


Are you ready to up-level your life? 

Do you want to have a flow of money coming to you to create the life your truly desire? 

You could be unstoppable in your life if you had your basic security taken care of first.

Well... we got some clearing and creating to do!

Invest in yourself this year to clear the limiting belief systems, have ongoing guided support and powerful systems to get your money flowing and your passions going!



I began my deeper journey of self-healing and transforming my life just a few short years ago.

Three and a half years ago I was full of rage and anxiety. I was using alcohol and other substances to numb my pain, I was in abusive relationships and making unhealthy sexual choices. I was literally struggling just to keep my head above water to simply survive, to have enough to pay my rent and eat two-minute noodles (the cheapest thing in the store!).

Today, with the tools and teachings I will be guiding you through in O MANIFEST, I have changed my entire life.

I no longer experience the destructive outbursts of anger and anxiety that once felt out of my control. I can transform any moments of frustration or fear by quickly finding the real trigger to any mis-alignment, and dissolving it's hold on me. I experience deep joy, gratitude, ease, flow and connection with myself, my body, in my relationships and my work. My sexuality is no longer based in fear and need, but is a conscious choice. I choose for myself, and from my true desire. I set healthy boundaries with others, I am not afraid to say what's true for me and to say no. I know my worth and ask for what I want in life!

I have money flowing in like never before and I do not feel afraid of losing it because I know the secret to creating it and I know I deserve it, because I am enough. 

I have been so completely transformed by this work that I cannot keep it to myself. This is why I now dedicate my life to giving YOU a way to unlock YOUR power, pleasure and affluence!

You deserve it. You are enough. You are worth it.

Let me guide you to discovering your O MANIFEST-ing power now!



Only $97 for a limited time

(Total Value of Program you are getting is $997!!)



The O Manifest 6 month online group coaching program is a unique and systematic approach to a whole life transformation.

Rooted in the ancient Tantric lineage from India, and the latest scientific research on changing the subconscious patterns that run our life which were based on fear and scarcity programming and replacing it with new beliefs of wealth and health.

Month 1: Root Chakra

This first month is about building a strong foundation for your life. We go back to the root and look at what your life has previously been based on and where you need to create a new way that produces lasting and prosperous results. 

You will set intentions for the next 6 months and get clear on your Vision for your Life. 


Month 2: SacrAl chakra

Once a foundation is laid, now we can begin to build on it. This is about your desires. What do you desire to create in your life? What is your passion, your purpose and your pleasure? 

If you are unclear on this or afraid of how to move forward with what you want, this will be a powerful month for you to connect deeply with that passion, creativity and desire inside!


Month 3: Solar plexus chakra

Things start to heat up and really move! You will start to know what to do and take inspired action toward your goals! This month is about knowing your worth and living from your power place!

You will continue to clear out the old stories and blockages and step into generating and attracting your abundance!


Month 4: Heart chakra

Here, you will start to allow yourself to receive in a more profound and pleasurable way.

Having money is about receiving and allowing. 

You will get intimate with money and with your time, including relationships that are important to you. 

You will feel the goodness and abundance moving to you and embrace it.


Month 5: Throat chakra

Self-expression and birthing your desires into the material world is the focus of this month. Stepping more into who you really are and into your fearless expression!

Asking for what you want, what you are worth, setting healthy boundaries with your time and speaking your truth!

What you desire to create is being created!


Month 6: Third eye chakra

You are in alignment with your Higher Self, your true purpose and calling! You are full of grounded passion, of self-worth and you are living in connection to you intuition and wisdom. You create from your inner bliss place and you trust in the greater good!

You will create a vision plan for your next year and know that it is already set into motion!