Amsterdam ~ Reclaiming Sexual Sovereignty (Single)

Amsterdam ~ Reclaiming Sexual Sovereignty (Single)

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Reclaiming Our Sexual Sovereignty ::
An Exquisite Exploration of Desire, Consent & Boundaries 
~~~ ♥ ~~~
Join us to ::

+ Deepen your approval and intimacy with your own sexual energy
+ Discover facility in knowing and expressing your own desire with others
+ Hold your center and communicate your boundaries in the presence of someone else's desire
+ Listen more deeply and respond more wisely to the desires and boundaries of others than ever before
+ Explore the many beautiful thresholds between FUCK YES and HELL NO
+ Experience more safety and a sense of ease in your body in the presence of desire -- yours and others'
+ Gain deeper understanding of consent and boundaries that create safety in relationships and sexual intimacy
+ Feel inspired to bring greater intimacy, radical transparency and authenticity into the relationships that matter most to you
+ Recognise the power of sexual energy as fuel for personal growth and cultural transformation
+ Release shame and reclaim your birthright to pleasure
+ Reconnect Heart, Spirit & Sex
+ Connect deeply with a tribe of like-hearted souls
+ Feel connected to yourself and your partner more deeply
+ Experience pussies dripping, cocks hard and hearts open :D

Early Bird Single : $188
Early Bird Couple : $299

Join us to truly embody Desire without Demand and create a safer world for everyone's sexuality. 

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