Orgasmic Manifestation

Orgasmic Manifestation


Want to learn how to use your Yoni Egg or Wand for optimum pleasure power and manifestation magic?

Want to harness your Womb space to birth your desires and creations to life?

Want to feel your Womb - Pussy and Heart pulsate as the Sacred Wisdom keepers inside of you?

Are you ready for this all to not just be a nice new-agey concept and really feel this ancient womens power in your own body?

In this 120min online class we will cover:

  • Womb Clearing from past pain, Mother wound, Trauma, and any Prostitution energy (where you traded your sexual energy for something)

  • Energetic Boundaries for Present & future protection of your own Power

  • Pussy Activation and Playful Practice for arousing the desires within you

  • Orgasmic Manifestation practice with Yoni Egg/Womb or your hand

  • Q&A sharing time

If you haven’t got it yet - know this is a class that goes waaaay deeper than a little sexy stimulation. This is a SOUL RETREVIAL class for the most Sacred parts of you.

Your Sovereign Birthright to own, direct, have choice, create and bask in the bliss of your own powerful, pleasurable and prosperous energy.

Your greatest power as a Woman is the Power to Create Life Itself and to Create whatever you CHOOSE to give life to - your own self love, your business, your finances, your relationships, your art, your children, your lifestyle, your soul purpose...

It’s all your choice where you want to birth life into the world and in yourself.

The class will go deep, fast, as we must clear out the old wounds we have been carrying for our ancestors and the collective Feminine so we can NOW stand in our power and be the Divine Directors of our life and our bodies.

This is a Soul Reclamation for Women to come into their full Sovereign and Liberated selves.

You will receive a RECORDING of this class.

Choose to love yourself enough to get the Transmission to Transform.

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