Masterful Man Retreats


Men's Retreats Lead by Women

Modern Western Women have been gathering more and more in circles to heal and integrate their Feminine and Masculine selves. 

The amount of Men who are leading other men in circle is comparatively lower.

While Women have been hoping more Men will take initiative to gather for healing, Men are asking for support from the Women. 

So, here it is.

Let's do this together.


January 13 - 14th 2018

Encinitas, CA

1-2 day Retreat


January 20 - 21st 2018

San Fransisco, CA

1-2 Day Retreat


February 2018 TBC

Kauai, Hawaii

2 day Retreat

*All Dates/Locations are being confirmed by Dec 2017*


Masterful men's circle

This is a Circle for Men and Women to Listen, be Heard, be Seen, be Loved, Somatically release individual and collective wounding, practice Non-Violent Communication, Embody Core Values for Healthy Relationships to Self and each other, and to Activate Divine Masculine and Feminine Codes within so we may create a sustainable, loving and empowered way of relating and educating others and our future generations.

Warrior women holding space for masterful men

The Circle will be facilitated by an intimate group of Women who are leaders in the fields of Relationships, Trauma, Sex-Positivity and Consent Culture, and Divine Masculine and Feminine Embodiment.

Although the Women are the facilitators for this circle to hold a safe space for Men to Heal, we come together as equals, acknowledging we are all Leaders in our community, family and our own lives, and to truly Heal we must participate fully in being a Safe Space to receive and give. 

Men will listen to and hold safe space for the Women Heart to Heart, just as Women will listen to and hold safe space for the Men.

We are in this together.

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Healing the wounds of the masculine

We women acknowledge and see the burden you have been caring as a man. We see the lack of safe spaces for you and the scarcity of education to properly learn and receive education on how to relate to your emotional life, your sexuality, your desire, your primal self and your heart.

We are committed to listening, to communicating with love, to educating you back to feeling and standing in your Fierce Erotic Innocence of Divine Masculine and Feminine energy.

We see you.

We hear you.

We love you.

Please join us