You Are Divine


It's not just a pretty new age positive thinking self love peppering to make you feel good.


It's simply the Truth of who you are and the reason you are here.



(the state or quality of being divine.

synonyms: divine nature, godliness, deity, godhead, holiness,

Priestess, Divine Feminine)


21-27th JAN 2018


Join us for a live-training on stepping into your Divine Feminine in 2018


and why it is so important to the world, now.


"In 2018 it’s time to get your inner Joan of Arc on." - Kaia Ra


This FREE training is for Women who are ready to step into Being the Leaders they are, the Women who have been hearing the call, and maybe just dipping their toes into Being Seen, starting their Coaching or Dream Businesses and Diving deep into their Sexual, Holistic and Feminine Empowerment.


This is for the Women who are ready to play big.

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