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Welcome Wild Woman!

I am deeply passionate about supporting Women like you to nurture the Goddess within!

We spend so much time in the busy Western world living in our heads. We are successful business women because of it.

But, there is another way it can be done, where we don't sacrifice our Sensual Bliss and deeply luscious Bodies... and it's actually Wildly more successful (and pleasurable) than just living in our driven Masculine!

When we learn to live from our Feminine Creative Power we get out of their head and into our body wisdom. This is where our true power, intuition, abundance and joy reside! 

From our Embodied Goddess state, we are our most free, creative, passionate, healing, and love filled Selves!

The work I do relieves anxiety and stress, heals sexual trauma and heart wounds, improves communication and intimacy in our relationships, and provides a juicy embodied self worth and radiant confidence that magnetizes our dreams into reality! 

I am living my Highest Purpose, and it was discovered by me diving deep into this journey, heart first! 

It is my Divine joy to walk this path of peace, pleasure, power and purpose with you!

If you know that it's your time.. if you feel a sense of excitement in your heart and probably a mix of nervousness in your belly (they are actually the same feelings, just different perspectives!) then, Woman, it's time for you to step up and claim your BRILLIANCE! 

It's time for you to Embody Goddess!

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Beauty, it's time for you to own it!

Lillie puts me at ease. She has an alchemic combination of grace and spontaneity. In her workshops, I feel safe to explore without self-consciousness.
— Sarah Rish, Los Angeles