Your Guide to

Healing Hormones Holistically

“Your genes are not your destiny. In fact, your genes cause less than 10 percent of all disease. Your beliefs, along with your relationships, the food you eat, the air you breathe, the way you handle stress, and many other internal and external factors, are what trigger how your genes get expressed.”
— Christiane Northrup, M.D.


Ok, so I am not going to sugar coat it for you. The path to Healing is for real.

It requires you to be ALL IN.

Healing is a journey, not a destination, it is progress not perfection.

It is not the quick fix that the Doctor will offer you that only covers up the symptoms and doesn't get to the ROOT of the issue.

It may be a full lifestyle shift for you.

And you are Soul worth it!

With this ALL IN commitment you will see shifts within a couple of months (if not sooner).

But it might take you years to really transform. It is layer by layer.

Think about how many years you have spent on Earth and how many of those you may have spent putting toxins in your body through eating 'normal' food (there is the word again we do not want to strive for!).

All the years you may have deprived your body of what it really needs to thrive.

What about all the the emotional baggage that you have been carrying around? Have you ever really let yourself grieve that thing that happened? Do you think it might possibly be connected to your energy being drained and your feminine flow being blocked? Just maybe...

Look, I am going in quick here. Right for the ROOT. Cause I want to get to get the tools and start your true healing journey now. No more beating around the Heart of it.

It's time to feel it to heal it, Babe.

If you want support on this rollercoaster ride called LIFE, head here and introduce yourself. Let us know what you are currently facing. We are a tribe of open-hearted women who are healing together. There is no judgement, no cattiness, it's support and it's empowerment sister. You don't need to (and you shouldn't!) do this alone. So come say hi.

You got this, and you’re not alone.

Below, I have listed the main Tools to holistic healing. I’ll give you a short run down on what it is (I'm not going to spend time explaining how and why it works - I would need to write a whole book for that, which I will, but not now - you just need to know what and DO IT!).

Next to that tool you will find resources (sometimes a link to the thing you will need to get). I have researched many many hours and tried and tested many things so these are my top recommendations. I also take into account the cost consideration cause yes healing yourself costs money and it is worth every dollar.


Keep a Journal of what you notice as you do the practices.

Let the Sisterhood group be your journal that also gives you accountability and support.

The tools will first seem simple or maybe too 'hippie dippy". Maybe you wonder how healing your relationship to your feminine power or your sexuality will help you balance your hormones. Trust me. It is all connected. It is your life force. Your core energy.

The tools are medicine for your soul. So, what have you got to lose?

She needed a hero so that’s what she became.

The other really important thing here is, and this is my Disclaimer : I am not a Medical professional, I am not even your healer or coach (unless you did hire me for that and well, you know how fucking much I love you and impress to you that YOU ARE YOUR OWN HEALER!).

I am not claiming anything to cure you. You can't turn around and blame me if you stop in the middle of your healing and say it didn't work or it made you feel worse. You might actually feel worse for a while before it gets better. I pray you will keep going through the fire and reap the rewards, which again, is non-linear and ever-evolving.

I am simply a gal who had her own bout of health issues, both emotionally, mentally and physically, and committed to her healing.

This is not a linear path. That means, you will be addressing things in layers, over time. Not all at once. Not a one size fits all. It's not always a simple A+B=C. You have to learn to slow down and listen to your body of what layer needs healing first. So that you can then peel back the next layer.

Everything in our body and our being is connected. But one thing at a time, otherwise you will overload yourself and experience "Detox symptoms" and Kundalini awakenings that can feel too much at once.

My biggest TOOL that gets me through any moment or cycle of overwhelm, grief, fear, shame or fatigue is staying committed to my Healing Journey. It is a journey. And it's worth it.


Ok, so, without further adieu… Here are…




Breathwork (AKA Pranayama)

Nutrition. Organic, living foods, fruits, steamed veg, big green salads, smoothies, NO PROCESSED SUGAR. Cut stimulants like coffee (also cause cysts). Soy products increases estrogen = hormonal imbalance.

Emotional Cleansing. Inner child aspecting, rewire your subconscious/brain AKA Dr Joe Dispenza, Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), let yourself grieve.

Energy work. Reiki, crystals, breath, theta, hypnosis, plant medicines (with proper guidance), the power of prayer, Mentoring with Ascended Masters, communicating with your Higher Self.

Physical movement. Exercise. Yoga. Squats. Hike. Dance. SWEAT.

Herbs. Tinctures. Adaptogens (natural supplements to help you adapt to stress)

Nature. Sunlight. Water. Trees. Animals.

Feminine Nurturance. Friendships that are real, supportive and healthy.

Sexual Healing. Tantra. Taoism. Sexological bodywork. Sacred Sexuality. Yoni Egg Practices. Womb Massage and Vaginal Dearmoring. Voice expression, claiming your sacred YES & your sacred NO.

Dry Intermittent Fasting (no water), Fruit Fasts, Enemas. Dry Skin Brushing.

Honoring your menstrual cycle and energy levels. Yoni Steaming in between your moon cycle. CBD oil helps a lot with period pain

Purpose and Passion. Are you connected to your purpose in life?



Breath = Life, vitality & healing into your cells. And it's FREE.

If you do nothing else, do this: Eat Organic and check every label for Sugar - do not buy it. Maple, honey and stevia are ok in moderation. Fruit is best source for sweets. Dates are amazing.

This is really ongoing deep work. Somatic & Energy work will help you process emotions that you have avoided - rage, shame and grief. Breath is key to guide you through emotion.

Energy work helps clear out the toxins in the subtle & emotional body. Learn how to cleanse your energy field and call on the Power & Presence of your Higher Self to support your healing.

The healing has to happen in your body. It clears the lymphatic system. Movement also helps you to access your emotions (energy in motion).

Nature has given us so many plants to support our hormones and reproductive phases from puberty to pregnancy to menopause. Imbalance is caused by stress. Nature relieves stress.

If you live in the city or stay cooped up inside, your body is out of touch with what is a natural healer. Lay on the Earth, breathe with Gaia and connect.

Do not underestimate the power of good friends. Healthy relationships are a must if you are going to heal. Healing is a holistic approach. Get each area of your life healthy. Do your relationships nourish you or drain you?

This is going to be at the root for most women. It may be known or unknown sexual trauma. It may be subtle sexual shame. It is all impacting your freedom, and your sexual expression is your creative, life birthing energy too. If you don’t address it lives in the shadow.

To truly heal we have to cleanse the body of toxins. Body/cosmetics products that you would not eat contain toxins. All processed food contains toxins. Toxins and mucus forming foods create inflammation and cause disease and hormonal imbalance. Heavy Metal Detox, Liver, Kidneys, Gallbladder, Gut, Thyroid; these all need to be addressed.

Your Menstruation is a time for rest, rebirth and going in. Do you try to push through it or avoid the feelings that come with this phase of going inward? Women used to gather (Rent Tents) when they bled and get messages from God/dess.

Are you doing what lights you up and excites you? Believe it or not, but if you are not in flow with your true soul calling.. then your body is going to let you know you are out of balance.



Try Kundalini Yoga, Ujjayi, Breath of Fire, Wim Hof & Holotropic

Get tested for Food Allergies by a Functional Medicine Dr or Nutritionist. (dairy, gluten and processed sugar are common contributors to hormone imbalances).

This step is the main step I would say 100% GET SUPPORT. I healed myself of PTSD and panic attacks. I never would have made it without support. Contact me if you want that.

There are many energy workers out there. I am one, and I can refer you to others too such as Freedom Franklin.

Find an Ecstatic dance or 5rhythms class and GO. Exercise with youtube classes if you have to.

Dr Morse sells great tinctures and lots of information there.

Go outside, sit under a tree and feel her taking all your stress away. She gives you back peace.

Reach out in the Shakti Sisterhood fb group. You never know who might be in your area. Join a Women's Circle. Start your own. Heal your relationship to your Mother and own Feminine energy. Get my Book full of Practices.

This is the main area I work with women on. Healing our relationship to our sexuality. Join the Sovereign Sacred Sensual course.

Check out (great Free FB Group) and research Dry Fasting and Fruit Fasting. This is saving my life! And ENEMAS. Don't be afraid, you will get your life back.

Slow down, meditate, be in nature, listen to what your emotions are asking for. Eat clean for and replenish your energy. Communicate with your Womb - ask her (literally) “What do you need?” Try this meditation.

Get a coach who loves connecting others to their true passion and purpose! I loooove doing that. I seem to attract undercover Artists and Healers who are in a whole life transformation! I love to see them transform from a dull 9-5 to their true calling!

Are you ready to live in aligned embodiment with your Soul?

Now, that may have been a lot to take in, so here are…

The Essentials


Cut the Processed sugar (cane, palm, corn/rice syrup, sucrose) Get your sweet tooth from Organic FRUIT first. Then honey, maple, stevia, and coconut sugar. Here is a list of sugar hidden names.

Let go of the Gluten (bread, pasta, cakes) - they breed yeast/candida which creates disease. Alcohol doesn’t help either.

Drink fresh Celery juice first thing in the AM on an empty stomach - this is a game changer for Health (so easy- blend 1/4 organic celery bunch in vitamix with some water, or juice it and drink)! 

Eat LIVE foods. Big salads with apple cider vinegar and sesame seed oil for dressing is so simple and yum!

When you’re not detoxing, add avocado for healthy fat and baked white sweet potatoes (lower glycemic index than others) for fibre and a dose of beta-carotene, an antioxidant nutrient which guards against certain cancers.

Eat seaweeds like dulse and wakame

Take anti-inflammatory mushroom powders like Reishi and infection fighting Chaga

MacroGreens is a great green superfood mix for smoothies.

If you can do eggs (autoimmune isn’t conducive) this is a great snack bar with hallelujah no added sugar!

Eat low to no grains. Autoimmune should be no grains. The best grains are quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, and chia seeds.

Listen to your own body in regards to organic meat and how much healthy fat you need.

Cook only with coconut oil (unrefined is best) or extra virgin olive oil, hemp and flax oil are good too.

Please throw out your vegetable oil, sunflower oil, canola oil! They increase our Westernized over-consumption of omega-6 which causes inflammation inside of your body (AKA disease). Be aware that 99% of pre-packaged foods and restaurants/cafes will be using these oils.

So cook more! It’s fun and feels good to be intimate with what you put in your body!

Finally, take Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes.


Lettuce mix, raw purple cabbage, chopped apple, sprouts, hummus & sauerkraut with above dressing!



Removes lymphatic stagnation and is meditation for your mind and wellbeing.

Follow Meisha Dev Avtar and her FB LIVE Kundalini Yoga videos.


Nephrite Jade is the best egg to use for hormonal, endocrine and fertility balance. Get yours here.


Yoni steaming is a holistic health practice in which a woman allows the warmth of herbal steam to gently permeate her vagina. Yoni steaming is a powerful ancient remedy that has been used for centuries by women worldwide, originating from the South American Mayan women. It’s a gentle treatment to support the female reproductive system, and invites reconnection with the powerful, creative energy of a woman's center.

Menstrual cycle

Learning how to work with the power of your menstrual cycle can be incredible to really connect with your feminine life force, literally the blood that was the potential for new life. This is powerful stuff! A few scientists are proving that our menstrual blood is full of stem cells, it is so nutrient rich. I wrote an article of the taboo Ritual of drinking your moon blood here.

The actual word “menstruation” comes from the Greek root word “men,” which means month, and “menus,” which means both moon and power. Read more on your menses here.

You can use an App to track your period, I like Alissa Vitta’s My Flo App. If your moon is irregular all the other tools above and below will support this balancing out. It will also held sooth the extreme ‘PMS’ symptoms. I used to have really heavy and painful periods with lots of breakouts and moodiness.

Now I don’t have any cramps, they are pretty light and if I feel some sadness before (Luteal phase) or during then I know it is a gift from my Womb to slow down and listen, there is something to be felt and honored inside me.

Create a Menstrual Moon Calendar like the one below (or use mine)! When you start to plan your work and life commitments around your moon time then life, money, magic just flows!

You want to book all your big meetings, social events, projects, dates - all the stuff that you need all your energy for in your Ovulation time. NOTE: Day 1 on the calendar is when you begin bleeding.

Then around day 21 when your energy is dropping you start to slow down and are able to be ready for Menstruation where you have a good 1-3 days of no commitments (other than kids of course) and you can really prioritise time to meditate, journal, feel and release anything that doesn’t serve you.

You can have a journal dedicated to powerful insights and creative ideas that come to you during your moon time.

Copy of certificate (1).png


The more you breathe the more new life you bring to your cells. Every exhale you release what you don’t need, giving the carbon dioxide back to be composted by the Earth and again receive vitality and peace. Try some Bliss Breathing now.


Dr Morse’s Reproductive Tincture is one of the best I’ve found. Read the reviews for Dr Morse' reproductive herb; pretty amazing results for women who have suffered from endometriosis, ovary cysts and period pain for years. I also recommend Adrenal Gland tonic, Brain & Nervous system tonic, Endocrine balance and Liver/Gallbladder tonic. You need to create a members account and pay $10 to activate. I drink the tonics daily with some organic pure (no sugar added) grape juice.


The body needs a break from digesting. This regenerates the cells of dis-ease. Stop eating & drinking water at 7pm, get a good sleep, don't drink or eat until 11am or 1pm. Break your fast with Celery juice and as many Dates as you like (Medjool are my fav). 30mins to 2hrs later have a Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie (Cilantro, Dulse/Seaweed, Chlorella and frozen wild blueberries, with water). Drink herbal (non-caffeine) teas and eat lots of fresh fruit and green salads. Do this at least once a week. Work up to a longer Fast of this for 3-7 days. Be aware of Detox symptoms and take care of yourself. You want your body to be alkaline, not acidic. Learn more here from my friend Alexandra Cousins free facebook group at


This is really important to do to detox the toxins from our body, especially the liver, gallbladder and gut. You can try a coffee enema. My favorite is Lemon and Bicarb soda enemas. Get this kit.


Activated charcoal, psyllium husks, food grade bentonite clay and pure grape juice, mix into a pudding and eat. It pulls out toxins! Perfect to go hand in hand with the enemas.


Our physical imbalances are rooted in an emotional/psychological and energetic/spiritual space. Disease is really a messenger trying to get our attention that there is a dis-ease (a place of non-ease) within us. The dissonance within causes us to not be in a state of natural harmony with all parts of us, so we don’t feel whole. We fragment and dissociate.

What causes the disconnection within which then manifest in our physical and emotional body?

Stress & Trauma

Trauma is really just a form of extreme stress.

Stress comes in many forms - environmental toxins (chemicals, metals, plastic & mold) and toxins in our beauty products, plus everyday stressors like EMF’s (electromagnetic frequency) from power lines, cell phones and wifi, and Blue Lights from our phones and computers. I am really aware of my sensitivity to EMF’s, I can’t hold my cell for more than a few mins before feeling an icky tingling crawling up my arm. I found HaraPads for my computer and phone, they are saved me! Get the App f.lux on your phone and computer for the blue light transformer.

The second stressor is food - SAD diet (Standard American Diet - potatoes, pasta, bread, meat, sugar, dairy), processed foods, a lack of nutrient/vitamins and minerals, and pesticides. Glyphosate, the herbicide sprayed on non organic and GMO crops has been linked to cancer, autoimmune, infertility, depression and autism. If you want to research more on this you can start here.

Thirdly, we have cultural stress - a “keeping up with the jones” culture, comparison, competition, achievement driven, choosing a career/life path, even a relationship and lifestyle, based on outside pressure from family or culture. Solution - define what success is for you, get clear on your values are and what is really important to you in this precious life of yours. Recognize your upper limits and redefine everything that doesn’t serve you.

The fourth is emotional stress - unprocessed traumas and emotions like grief, guilt, shame, fear and anger, dramatic relationship dynamics, unhealthy living situation, financial stress, and lack of fulfillment/purpose.

At the root of all ailments is a part of us that is longing (maybe screaming) for our presence, our compassion and our acceptance.

Check out Louise Hay’s beautiful work and use the mantras to reprogram your subconscious to that of knowing you are worthy, whole, perfect and complete.

My book Sexy Confidence has 7 major practices I used (and continue to) to heal myself on the emotional and somatic level. You have probably heard “the issues are in the tissues”. Our stress and trauma gets stored in the body. We gotta shake, cry and exhale it out.

Again this part is important to receive support on. Get a coach or therapist who works with the body/somatic experience. At the very least, surround yourself with good, trustworthy and empathetic friends.

Spend time healing in nature, nourishing your inner child and communing with the Divine Ascended Master and Angelic mentors that are readily available for you.

In Summary…

Your diet needs to be low to NO Sugar (except natural like fruit) - you need to read packets of things you buy because most things have sugar added, like meats with sauce and bacon and even “healthy” food). When I stopped eating processed sugar my 10 year long adult acne cleared up!

Plus no Dairy (butter can be ok for some) and no Gluten (wheat/bread, flour, pasta). It causes inflammation and mucus in the body and stops the flow of chi life force energy which creates dis-ease.

Apply the 80-20 rule. You don’t have to be fanatical and deprive yourself - holistic life detox in layers, but get to know what is just not worth “cheating” on.

Your Gut, Thyroid, Adrenals and Ovaries are connected. If your gut flora is off (hello candida) then it affects your endocrine system and hormones, which affects your brain and your emotions. It’s ALL connected!

Check out this article on the link between Candida and Endometriosis.

And this research on the Gut-Brain-Anxiety-Depression link.

I strongly recommend going to a Functional Medicine Doctor or Nutritionist not a normal Dr.

A Functional Medicine Doctor will look deeper at your blood tests and give you a detailed understanding of what your body needs to begin. The western GP I took my blood results to said they were “normal” (Yeah.. it’s so normal for a 30 year old to not be able to get out of bed!).

Thank God my Holistic Health coach friend Katie Shaw had gone through her own journey with being misdiagnosed by several GP’s (who also gave her several treatments that made things worse), and she finally got clarity with a Functional Medicine Doctor that she in fact had the Autoimmune Disease, Hashimotos. Because of her story, I caught it just in time before I crossed over to that point.

Thank you Katie, thank you Dr Jo and thank you Christy Kendall.

If you are in Los Angeles contact Dr Jo here or Christy at Ideal Bodies Nutrition.

If you go to a regular GP they will most likely only give you birth control (one of the major reasons so many women are experiencing hormonal imbalance, which took me years to heal from), antibiotics (if you have an infection), give you an (most likely unnecessary) surgery, put you on a lifetime of hormone replacements or just tell you they cannot do anything for you.

I had to have a high dose of antibiotics when I went to hospital for an infection from ovary cysts, it saved me from surgery but completely destroyed my gut which lead to an adrenal crash and SIBO as the antibiotics kills gut microbiomes. If you have an infection then you may need a dose (or if you have taken antibiotics in your life), then you need to really commit to the diet and probiotics to regenerate your gut and regulate your hormones.

We have been given so much misinformation about what is healthy as it’s been controlled by corporations for profit over people.

The global market for sugar and sweeteners reach nearly $97.2 billion in 2017. We have given our power away to a “health” system that offers only 19.6 hours of nutrition education across four years of medical school (in the U.S.).

You have the power to heal

It is a holistic lifestyle shift to slow down and focus on nutrition, detox from the sugar/candida, and create space to be present with what your womb/ovaries/feminine essence and blocked emotions are saying and needing.

Remember the power of SISTERHOOD. Get into nature with open hearted, uplifting, empowered women and awaken and nurture the wild, liberated, sensual, healthy Feminine and Inner Child!

The Essentials Shopping List

Jade egg

Yoni steam herbs

Dr Morse Reproductive Tincture


Digestive Enzymes

Adrenal support



Woman’s Code book

Enema kit

Castor oil pack

So easy, get castor oil and cheesecloth, soak it into cloth, put over your womb/ovaries and wrap plastic wrap around you and relax. It draws toxins out.




Healing is a Mind Body Spirit Soul-Revolution!

I am seeing you held in the light of your Soul, wrapped in worthiness and ignited in the power of your own Feminine healing essence.

I’d love to know how your holistic journey unfolds.