Watch my latest interview with Radhaa Nilia to promote our upcoming book!

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We address the shadow of the Feminine - where the archetype of the Victim becomes the Perpetrator.

Lillie talks with three Men in Leadership about the importance for Men to not go silent in the #MeToo Movement, and the need for spaces and conversations to heal our collective shame, fear and wounding together. 

Lillie shares vulnerably about how she was abusive in past intimate relationships and discusses with Destin Gerek on Evolved Masculinity Podcast why standing for the empowerment of the Feminine Spirit, it is part of her work to shed light on the shadow of the feminine as well as lifting up the voices of women who need to be heard. ❤

Diving deep into sacred sexuality, shadow sexuality, the #metoo movement, how men and women can play a part in the solution to all of our healing on the Goddess Hour Podcast with Jennifer Cain ❤️

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