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The Pleasure Life Path Priestess Retreat

Yes Woman, You Deserve this.

A Luscious Luxury Retreat for your Heart, Body, Mind and Soul

The Pleasure Path Priestess Retreat is for you if yoU want to:


> Step into the Divine Feminine Leader that you are as Woman, Mother, Lover

> Cut the Baggage and "Not Enough" Story that only weighs you down

> Feel Juicy, Desireable and Turned on in your Body (yes you can!)

> Get Crystal Clear, Lit Up and Focussed for Your Souls Purpose

> Learn how to Manifest Money, Opportunities and Abundance with ease

> Speak your Truth & Your Soul Message with Inspired Radiance

> Uplevel your Life - truly live Your Dream Come True

> Heal your Marriage, Feel Deep Heart Connections with your Lover, Or Let Love in again!

> Love yourself, Trust Yourself, Honor Yourself & the Divine Gift you Are as an Empowered Empress in this world.


In the pleasure PRIESTESS retreat you will:

> Detox from Self- Sabotage & Perfectionism

> Move from Force to Flow

> Harness and Express Your Creativity, Voice & Divine Passion

> Embody Your Unique Femme Power

> Align Heart, Mind, Body & Soul

> Embrace Your Sacred Sexuality & Your Birthright to Pleasure as Medicine

> Package up your Soul's calling for sweet success!

> Step into your High Priestess in Sacred Sister Ceremony Celebration!


Client Love

"I had my first Orgasm through this work! Thank you for guiding me to my Sacred Pleasure Lillie!" - Katya
"After our session the other day, I felt so soft inside my body. I also felt a shift in terms of the desire for partnership. I noticed the thoughts I would have around wanting a guy, but it was different. The best way I can describe it is that the jagged edge was gone. It didn’t scrape my insides apart like it used to. I felt more able to trust, to soften and to inhabit my desire for true intimacy without feeling lacking/unworthy. I am profoundly grateful for all that I have gotten already!"
- Laurel Prince
"The results since starting working with Lillie have been astronomically good; it's improved the quality of people that I surround myself with, and my creativity and abundance are flowing! Most importantly, it has helped nurture my desperate need for self love, something which was once a foreign concept to me but now flourishes richly in my life! I would encourage everyone to explore this work as I am grateful daily for it." - Claire Cohen

5 Days in beautiful Greece to explore and embody your Queendom

In a safe space of like-minded Women who are here to step up and into their

Soul's True Calling, we will explore and embody all that we are through:


> Resting

> Nourishing our Bodies

> Movement and Divine Dance Rituals

> Writing practices to prompt our Deepest Desires

> Mastermind to Clarify, Communicate and Craft our Soul's Message & Mission

> Self Love and Sacred Sexuality Practices 

> Breathwork and Pranayama

> EFT (Tapping)

> Meditation

> Yoga



Culminating with a Celebration of Ritual Performance 

Witnessing of your Brilliance Radiating in any way your Soul desires to Shine!

Example: Dance, Sing, Speak, Practice your TED Talk, Be witnessed in your raw naked vulnerability, Channel, share a Ritual, read an excerpt from your Book;

The creative possibilities for your Souls Message to come through are endless and oh so needed in the world now!



15 - 19 MAY 2019




4 nights - 5 days ACCOMMODATION in luxury villa in magical greece


all meals by GOURMET chef with fresh local ingredients


deep dive guidance into your soul's pleasure life purpose


tools for mastering your passion into profit


pleasure Priestess photoshoot


intuitive readings just for you


girls nite out on the town


performance platform


Soul soothing



$4444 Early Bird

(By Jan 1st 2019)


secure your spot with a 50%

non-refundable deposit now



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