Warrior(ess) Donation 4 Coaching

Warrior(ess) Donation 4 Coaching

from 55.00

Yes! You are a True Warrior! 

Donating to multiple good causes, while taking care of yourself to receive Holistic Life, Relationship and Soul-Aligned Coaching! 

Choose an amount from the options. 

$55-$125 receives 45mins Private coaching once per month. 

$135 receives 60mins

$155 receives 75mins

Alternatively you can Paypal to lilclairelove@gmail.com

Now, Brave Heart ~ Tune into Your Intention, your Goal, the Feeling that is what you desire and long to experience and live from. This is the beginning of going Deeper into Your Beautiful Brave Warrior<ess Heart.. and Truly learning what is means to LIVE. 

See you soon! 💚

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