Couples coaching

Bringing the sexy back into your relationship is a mind-body-spirit revolution.


I am excited and honored to work with you both to deepen intimacy,

expand pleasure and open your hearts to more love.


You will both learn:

+ Juicy techniques to create deep sexual intimacy

+ Heart-expanding emotional intimacy practices

+ The Intimacy Blockers that you both need to let go of to fully be present and valued in relationship

+ The Keys to Re-building Trust and getting back to Desire

+ How to communicate with ease, kindness and both be heard

+ How to make love like a God/Goddess

+ Sacred Sexuality & Sexual Healing practices


This package is going to be completely tailored to you and your beloved. 


Here is how it works:


1 session / 2 hours / *In person or Skype

Walk away with some juicy Tantra practices to ignite your sexy spark

$ 333


Half Day session / 4 hours / *In person or Skype

We will deep dive into uncovering the blocks to more love and pleasure between you

$ 667


Full VIP Couples Day / 8 hours / *In person 

Sensual Tantra Pujas to align you both in Heart - Mind  - Sex and Spirit

$ 1333


*In Privates incur Lillie's Travel and Accommodation costs


Need to speak with me to make sure this is right for you and your lover?

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Be a Sensual Healer for your Partner

"You cannot completely love someone until you know all of them, wounds, monsters, greatnesses and all." -Francesca Gentille, Clinical Sexologist & Co-Author of The Marriage of Sex & Spirit

40% of people in America grew up with severe emotional, physical, spiritual and/or sexual trauma. Basically that's every two out of five people. 

Have you noticed your partner is seeming...just not that into you, lately? Maybe you have noticed she/he is less eager to get cosy or jump into an erotic evening in bed, maybe they are more irritable or just seem to be not really "here" when you're together... This may be due to a passing moment of simple life stress...But it is also indication of a possible past emotional or sexual trauma that is in need of some tender, loving care. 

Relationships give us the mirror to see ourselves more clearly. Often the things we have tried to hide, forget about or fix in ourselves are what come to surface when in relationship. It is natural if you trigger an old pain in your partner, or vice versa. It actually means that you both feel safe enough that those wounded and hidden parts of yourselves emerge so that they can be healed and not held onto. It's a good thing. 

If you desire to have more intimacy; sexual, emotional and spiritual, in your relationship; coaching with me to learn how to provide a safe space for her/him to heal is vital. You will come to understand your partners unique life wounds (trauma and abuse she/he may have been through in the past that is effecting the present) and how to support her/his authentic voice for healing and opening to more love in the present. 

This Sensual Healing Training for Couples is a profound tool you can take home and continue to integrate into your relationship.

Single Men and single Lesbian Women can also learn how to become a sensual healer with a surrogate woman (I provide) as the receiver, so that when you do connect with your future partner you may bring these tools into that relationship. You may also desire to choose this training simply because you wish to know more about female trauma and sensual healing, contributing to the positive effects on the planet through this work.  

Men and lesbians in relationship are encouraged to bring your partner to receive the healing that we will co-create together. If you feel your partner would not attend these sessions with you to receive healing, you may request a surrogate to be present and still get the full learning on female trauma and sensual healing to take this home to gift her in private.

Sensual Healing Training Session:

2 hours $457(with your partner)

2 hours $917 (with surrogate I provide)

Power Couple Retreat


Spend 1 or 2 days in your own serene bungalow surrounded by nature in Topanga Canyon, CA.

A uniquely customized and completely focused retreat for you and your partner. This relationship retreat is for Couples who want to deepen the union you already have and expand the possibilities for even more fun, intimacy and co-creation. This weekend workshop is designed to provide tools to navigate your specific cycle of struggles, along with recognizing and enhancing what is already working well in your relationship. 

You will each receive one-on-one time with the focus on relationship guidance and life coaching, then you will have time alone to integrate sacred self-care including essential oil baths and yummy organic foods, to then come together for heart centered tantra and conscious communication techniques, along with very powerful intimacy building skills and sensual healing sessions. 

Pure bliss for you and your partner. Leave hand in hand, feeling a deep sense of connection to yourself and each other, with practical tools to continue implementing in every season of your relationship. 

Rekindle your chemistry

Feel seen and heard in a safe space

Deepen emotional intimacy

Learn new conflict resolution skills

Identify and receive tools to help with sticking points

Remove fun-blockers!

Bring the sexy back!

Contact me directly to book your private Power Couple Retreat