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Embody Feminine Leadership



3-8th Jan 2019


Embody Divine Feminine Leadership

~ Sexuality ~ Creativity ~ Purpose ~ Radiance

~ Speak your Truth ~

Are you ready to step into the spotlight as a powerful woman?

It is time to rise up as the Speaker, Healer, Teacher, Artist and Leader that you are!

The Time is Now Sister. Do you feel it?

We are at a great time of transformation in our world at large, and in our personal lives.

We are all going through profound shifts and it can sometimes feel like time is “running out”.

The Call is compelling us to listen deeper, slow down, self care, take risks, seek support, get in community,

put our passions into play and truly remember that we are Sovereign and Sacred.

Women, like you have been called into being changemakers, path pavers and way showers.

Maybe you have felt that call as a persistent whisper but you’ve held back as you told yourself your voice won’t make a difference…

Maybe you answered Yes to the prodding from your Higher Self but you know that there is a next level for you to step into which requires a deeper embodiment of your Gifts,Worthiness and Being Seen…

Maybe you are already soaring in your Legacy but you need to receive and be held in sacred sisterhood in order to rise to the next level in your life, love and leadership…

Wherever you are at in your journey there is space for you to fully receive what you desire to dive deeper, higher and more aligned into your Soul’s Purpose, Passion and Prosperity.

In this 5 Day Retreat for Women who are ready to FLY, together we will redefine and rewire what it looks like and feels like to be a LEADER, TEACHER, HEALER and ARTIST in this new world paradigm that we are co-creating.

This is for you if:

  • You wish do Leadership from a space of feeling supported and well resourced verses the Burnout that so many Women experience while trying to “do it all

  • You are ready to be appreciated and compensated for your gifts, skills and healing Presence, while you show up to your clients and community as completely vulnerable, raw and human without the need to wear some “Success” mask and constantly feel like you have to “have it all together”

  • You want to truly have it all, without sacrifice, by divinely designing your business, lifestyle, living location, aligning with your life partner and your chosen family exactly the way you always dreamed it.

Begin your New Year with a delicious deep dive into the core elements of new paradigm Embodied Feminine Leadership!

•EMBODIMENT PRACTICE ~ Dance, Sensual Movement, Shakti Yoga

• VOICE ACTIVATION ~ Clear old and collective programs to Free Your Voice and let your Light Message Shine

•TANTRA INITIATIONS ~ Self Healing modalities that Awaken Your Divine Feminine Creative Power

•CELESTIAL SUPPORT ~ Receive mentorship from Guides, Ancestors and Ascended Masters through guided and intuitive activations

•SISTERHOOD HEALING ~ New paradigm Leadership from the Risen Feminine requires deep trust in the sisterhood. Let’s clear

mother/sister wounds together and for our collective!

•MASTERMIND ~ Explore, create, discover and receive insights, ideas and initiations through a powerful group of like minded sisters

•REJUVENATE ~ Time and space for nourishing rest in a gorgeous nature setting overflowing with the Goddess life force

• ORGANIC FOOD ~ Nourish your body with high vibe live foods and juices for greater soul attunement


•SPOTLIGHT IS ON YOU BABE ~ For those willing to bare your Sacred Soul, be witnessed and celebrated in your Radiance, your Presence, your Gifts, your Mastery, your Vulnerability, your Leadership!

As a closing circle celebration we will each (consensually) get to share, storytell or simply be seen for who we are and our contribution in this world!!

Join the Women’s Retreat in Beautiful Bali this January 3-8th 2019!


Your Guides


Lillie Claire Love

Lillie is a Feminine Empowerment Coach, Writer, Speaker and Leader.

She predominantly works with women on reclaiming their Sovereignty in all capacities - sexually, emotionally, financially, creatively, and relationally.

Her understanding of the need for Somatic cellular healing to transform on a collective level guides people to get out of their heads, and into their bodies where their peace, pleasure, power, purpose and prosperity lives.

She stands for equality, expression and healing of both Feminine and Masculine dynamics within all human beings and honoring our our Great Mother Earth.

Through her own healing to overcome sexual trauma, complex-PTSD, anger, addiction and co-dependancy, Lillie shares her knowledge from a deep place of compassion and experience. Her Tantra, Yoga, Life Coaching and Somatic and Energy training and certifications are toppings on the cake of her life!

Lillie is walking on clouds to be co-creating with Layla and you in this upcoming deep dive initiation of Divine Feminine Leadership!

Layla El Khadri

Layla is a Transformational Coach and Author, Artist, international Speaker and Somatic Therapist, deeply committed to inspiring humanity to wake up and rise!

Through her art and work, Layla is igniting a new generation of world leaders and changemakers to reclaim their voice and create a new way of living with personal freedom and embodied wisdom.

She has dedicated half a decade to diving deep and absorbing the wisdom of Ancient Traditions and cutting edge Therapies. Creating a powerful work methodology that bridges Mindset and Embodiment for lasting Transformation.

She will help you Catalyze your potential and Embody your Authentic Essence.

Layla is the Creator of the beautiful film “RISE of the Feminine” which hit half a million views in just one month (watch it below!).

She is so excited to Rise with you this New Year in her beautiful chosen home country of Bali!



“Working with Layla is like a real shamanic journey! I was so blocked in my life and she guided me back to a place of self confidence and power that allowed me to speak my message. After working with her I felt like tectonic plates were moving in my subconscious world.”

Ekaterina Dashkova – Artist – Russia

“I feel as if I have entered into a beautiful sacred place, a place of the inner wisdom and feminine beauty, a feeling of pure joy, powerful yet serene magnificence of feminine energy. It is unlike anything that I have imagined it to be. I have so much more respect and love for thin inner feminine energy. Now I know where my power reside.s”  

Angelina Rikic – Accountant Manager – Australia


Why Ubud, Bali?

Ubud is a hub for culture, arts and wellness. It has the widest range of body treatments and diversity of food, including delicious fresh, often organic, vegetarian, vegan and raw food options available in Bali. It is the perfect place to explore healing modalities and the essence of Balinese culture.

How do I get to the Retreat from the airport?

Taxis are available at the airport and are safe and inexpensive. We will also happily arrange a transfer for you. The average cost is around $30.

Which airport do I fly into?

Denpasar Airport is the only international airport in Bali. It is called Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Do I need to get a visa in advance? Are there taxes to enter and leave Bali?

Visitors from most countries can obtain a Visa On Arrival in Bali. This visa is valid for 30 days. Please check the specific regulations for your own country before coming. If you overstay your visa you will be charged at approx $30 USD per day from the expiration of the visa. This must be paid as you enter customs. There are no longer taxes to enter or leave Bali for most countries.

Do I need vaccinations to travel to Bali?

In general we do not consider vaccinations necessary. Although we recommend you consult your healthcare practitioner when you are considering travel to Bali for up to date recommendations on vaccinations.

What about safety in Bali?

As in any foreign country, it is advised to maintain a higher level of vigilance. Drive by bag snatching does occur to both foreigners and Balinese locals. Hold your hand bag securely when walking along the road and don't leave belongings unattended. The retreat has 24 hour security and safety deposit boxes for your peace of mind.

What kind of food is served at the Retreat?

You can enjoy healthy home made meals with a focus on fresh ingredients and clean eating. We will happily cater to dietary requirements, please just let us know!

Do I have to bring over USD or local currency?

It is not necessary to bring over large amounts of cash. There are many ATM machines for withdrawing money and exchange centers for acquiring the local currency - Indonesian Rupiah.

Do I need a Visa in my Passport?

You will get a Visa On Arrival (VOA) when you arrive to Denpasar airport. If you are planning on studying, have a work-related business trip or want to relocate permanently, you will need to plan your visa before booking your plane ticket.

Please make sure that your passport is valid for more than 6 months: those with passports that expire within 6 months will not be allowed in the country.

Do you do Refunds?

There is a $500 non-refundable deposit. It can be used to roll over to another Shakti Rising Retreat or Online Course. Once paid in full the same applies.


All activities are optional of course, but 'participation' is required to keep the intimate circle safe. Participation means that even if you choose to sit out from engaging in doing a certain practice, you are still showing up to be present for your sisters and self.

You can do this by being physically present, witnessing, sharing your experience in discussions and asking questions from a space of curiosity. Everything that is shared in the Retreat is sacred and safe. It is all confidential. And of course if you need extra rest then let the circle know and take care of yourself.


Total cost including 5 nights luxury accommodation (flight not included), all healthy meals provided and

Embodied Divine Feminine Leadership, Tantra and Embodiment Training is only

$3333 USD!*


Before December 1st 2018 ~ Save $833 now!


*Double Occupancy room

Single Occupancy Private Room! ~ $3500 USD!

Join us now, we have limited spaces to keep this a potent container!

Jan 3-8th 2019



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