Awaken Shakti Workshop

 Explore the aspects of the ANCIENT Indian goddesses

 KAli, Durga, sarasvati, Lakshmi, Lalita.

Are you curious about the Tantric Goddesses of India? Do you want to know how they can apply to your life?

Each are aspects of the Goddess, the One Creatrix who birthed all that exists.

You are a part of that One Creative energy and so these aspects all exist in you, whether you know it or not.

When we explore and embrace all of our parts, then we can embody all of who we are, with no apology.

Only then do we feel whole and free.

Durga (Warrior Woman)

Now that Kali has cleared the way, it's time to meet Durga, our very own warrior woman within. She slices through our inner demons and gives us the courage to go into our dreams with confidence!

kali Yurga (FIERCE mother)

Kali shows up when it's time for transformation. It's time to change and maybe we are resistant to letting go of some things in our life. They don't serve us any longer and if we keep clutching, Kali will do a clearing for us! 


Sarasvati (The one who Speaks her truth)

Being clear and speaking out what you want and what you don't want is one of the most powerful things we can do! Sarasvati helps us to express ourselves and communicate clearly and powerfully to set us up for success in all areas of our life; especially our work and our relationships. She is also highly musical and artistic so she activates our inner creativity!


Lakshmi (Abundant one)

With Lakshmi we call on the inner beauty, nurturance and fertility within us to rise us. Abundance of ideas, resources, support, money, opportunities and love come to us as we open and receive her gifts. If you struggle with creating consistent financial freedom, Lakshmi is about to change all that. Trust me, she is magic. 


Lalita (Sensual one)

Activating our inner sex kitten! The playful Lalita is here to bring us more pleasure, joy, passion, energy, and sexual confidence. She helps us to ignite the spark in our hearts and between our legs, bringing back the intimacy and spark into our relationship and calling in new lovers who are aligned with us.