I am a Feminine Leadership Coach and a girl who grew up barefoot in the bush (Australian Outback!) ;)

I specialize in working with women who are healing PTSD, anxiety, depression, grief and sexual trauma. Many of my clients are successful business women who need what money can't buy; inner peace with themselves and their past. Many of them are women who are so creative and talented but they lack confidence in themselves and are stuck in scarcity. Most of them know they could be enjoying sex waaay more than they are, and that their relationships (or choice in men!) could be healthier. 

What all of these women have in common is that they have forgotten (and never been taught) that they are POWERFULLY, BEAUTIFULLY, PASSIONATELY FEMININE. 

And Feminine is FIERCE, EROTIC & INNOCENCE. Feminine is FREE. Feminine is FORMIDABLE. Feminine is the MEDICINE You & I Need.

When we spend time coming into and cultivating our Feminine Essence, it is a GIFT to not only ourselves, but other Women and the World. 


I grew up in a loving but dysfunctional home. From age 4 to 18 I experienced family separation, alcoholism, rageaholics, domestic violence, parent attempted suicide, living with a parent who had a chronic illness, sexual molestation, codependency, depression, anxiety, living below the poverty line... 

By age 15 I threw myself into the world of drugs and meaningless sexual encounters to numb the pain. I would burn myself and put myself in very risky situations. 

Age 22 I was in a domestically violent marriage. 

Then my Mum died and I fell into more depression, drinking, acting out in rage and destroying my relationship with my new boyfriend.

When I turned 28, I met a man who woke me up. He was my Twin Flame. His reflection showed me I couldn't go on like this. I knew I couldn't. I was exhausted and I was miserable. 

I began to take a deeper journey into myself. It was rock bottom and the only way out of my very painful existence was to look within myself.

In some ways, this self-exploration was even more painful and intimidating to me. To actually hold a mirror up to myself and say;

"Hi... I'm not sure if I like you. Actually, there are parts of you, Lillie, that I do not like at all. But I am here to find out why and how I can change that. I want a relationship with you Lillie, one that is kind and loving, accepting of your mistakes and where I can learn from them. I want to enjoy being you. Can we learn to be friends?" 

And so my journey began... it took all of my strength and commitment to look at my shadow self, the parts that I had spent a lifetime ignoring. 

One day in meditation, I experienced a visceral sense of the depth of my self-loathing. My resentments of the past, and the fears that kept me from living and being all that I dreamed in my present and my future... This self-loathing was like a never ending pit, as wide as it was deep...

As I waded through this pool of sadness, anger and fear, I thought; "How am I going to be able to love myself with all this darkness and sorrow?"

Then, it came to me...

Compassion. Empathy. Sweet, sweet Love.

When someone we really care about is in pain, aren't we able to have a deep sense of compassion and empathy for them? We want to hug them and tell them everything is going to be ok. We feel their pain and we wish we could take it away. 

Well, that is what I needed to do with myself. Not ignore, gloss over, or fix the pain, but to love it anyway. When we are sad and we tell our feelings to someone we trust, we rarely want them to fix it. We simply want them to be present with us, witness us in a kind and gentle way, which provides a sense of comfort for us to go through our own feelings with much more ease. With a supportive friend, we feel safe and strong enough to weather the storm.

With this realization, I felt like I had been given the key to my self-imposed prison. Now it was not just about facing my mad and sad parts, but it was about sending those parts of me all the love that I possibly could. I began to be a witness for myself. A friend to myself.

That is when my life really started to change, from the inside out. I embraced my sadness, my fear, my regrets and resentments from the past. I didn't deny them or hold onto them or get lost in them. I allowed them and I loved them, like each were a screaming child, confused and trying to communicate with me that they needed help. 

I offered them a space to be heard and seen. I loved them more and I let them know I was here to take care of them. 

I know how difficult and scary this journey of life can be. To be alive is traumatic sometimes. I also know that it is possible to be at peace with oneself; to love through the hard times and embrace the difficult feelings; to break free from fears and familial, cultural and self-imposed limitations; and, to experience a deep sense of joy that is not based on circumstances or material possessions but anchored in a sense of self-worth, greater purpose and with self-love.  

I know now that my superpower is Compassion. The original word means 'with fire'. I am able to stand in the fire with you because of my experiences.

Take the journey with me into more freedom, more acceptance, more joy, more peace, more light, more play, more love, more pleasure and more YOU.

You are enough. You deserve to be free from your past and fully present to your pleasure and power. 

I am here to support your journey into all of your power and beauty, through your fears and into a more joyous life. I am standing for the wholeness of your beautiful heart.

With love, with acceptance and with freedom,

Lillie Love

What I Believe
We hold the keys to peace, pleasure, power and purpose within us

Self Love, acceptance and compassion are vital to healthy relationships and a successful life. Integrating our desires, sexuality, and our shadow selves (fear, shame, anger) creates a life rich in joy, peace, pleasure and personal success.
When we change our personal perspective, our experience of life in the world around us changes accordingly and dramatically for good. More love = more love.

WOMEN; Connect with your femininity and sexual/creative power, encourage and support healthy flow of these qualities in other women, be a model for younger women to explore their whole selves without shame and with healthy boundaries. 

MEN; Connect with your true heart based-masculinity and practice being present. Speak to younger men about emotions, let them know it is strong to be vulnerable; it’s okay to receive as well as to give. And, that a “man” provides a safe space that supports a woman to shine and be all that she is, in every facet. 

TOGETHER we can transform relationships within families, countries and the World into a more peaceful, joyful and loving experience for all.

Lillie has given me such strength through her work!
— Kat Crawley, Actress/Singer, Los Angeles


Lillie Claire has worked as a hands on energy healer with EFT, Reiki and Access Bars for 7 years. She is a Primal Core Yoga Teacher, Tantra Teacher and a Certified Life Coach. Lillie intends to give other women permission to own their sensuality, sexuality, beauty and power. She aims to do her part in healing the relationship between men and women through Tantric practices, sensual healing and sacred relationship coaching. She believes Self Love, Compassion, Acceptance, Self Responsibility and Communication are the keys to our daily joy, freedom and peace.