The Feminine Leadership Sisterhood Revolution 

As we Awaken to Who We Really Are, we Remember the Sisterhood.

We instinctively feel the core human need that to truly thrive, we need each other.

There is a great healing to be done in the sisterhood.

We are only just getting started.

Healing layers of fear, scarcity, jealousy and building TRUST with each other.

Together, we return to the wholeness and holiness of the Divine Mother. The Great Nurturer.

We remember the Gift of Collaboration…

Seeing each other as Allies and Mirrors to expand into our Worth, Take Up Space and Be Celebrated in Our Pleasure, Power and Prosperity!


this course is for you if You are:

🔥Awakening your Feminine side

🔥Wanting deeper connection to Your Inner Power

🔥Ready to peel the layers of shame and pain back from your sexuality

🔥Ready to make peace with your body and Womanhood

🔥Wanting to deepen your relationships with other Women and Your Femininity

🔥Desiring to heal your Mother Wound; heal mistrust, overcome jealousy and comparison

🔥Longing for Authentic Supportive Sisterhood!

🔥Over not having a voice - it is time to KNOW & OWN what you want and don’t want!

🔥Ready to get really real with where you have been hiding, playing small, living in scarcity and BREAK FREE!

🔥Ready to have a posse of badass Conscious Women who have got your back in life!

🔥Excited (and maybe just a bit scared!) to step into your Feminine Leadership in the world!!

🔥Ready to Feel and Own Your Worthiness of Pleasure!

🔥Turned on to Meet (or Deepen with) The Great Goddess within!

🔥Also ready to Heal your Relationship to Men and the Masculine

(Cause when we Heal the Sisterhood and we Own our Feminine Power then we also gotta get in right relationship to the Masculine!)

🔥Ready to invest in yourself financially because you know this self commitment and deep embodiment upgrade

will only bring more Abundance, Clarity, Love and Purpose into your Life!

this is not for you if you are:

❌Committed to your Victim BS (staying small, blaming others, expecting to be saved)

❌Not prepared to own your triggers as a gift for you to grow

❌Looking for a Guru to magically heal you or do the work for you

❌Not going to do the practices, homeplay, show up for calls, be vulnerable or self-responsible

❌Not willing to honor the agreements of the group container or the Facilitators boundaries

❌Still committed to the belief that you won’t survive if you invest in yourself financially

Here is what you receive:

🔥8 weeks of LIVE Zoom Calls with an intimate select group of women of deep dive coaching to Restore Authentic Sisterhood, Sacred Sexuality, Embody Your Divine Feminine Power & Own your Worth as a Leader (value $5000)
  🔥Full Access to Sovereign Sacred Sensual Portal to work through the Tantric, Womb, Inner Child and Embodiment content between each Live Session (value $2500)

 🔥Access to the Fem Leadership Sisterhood Revolution Private FB Temple for Q&A support in Biz hours (invaluable sisterhood connection and support!)

 🔥BONUS Guest Experts on Soul Aligned Bizness Creation, Non-Violent Communication Skills, Trauma Specialists and Cellular Detoxification! 

(Invaluable access to my Mentors! But I do donate for their contribution, so value is $2000!) 

We have select spaces for Women who are ready to Invest in their Transformation.