An online Women's Course for Peace, Pleasure, Power & Purpose.


The Pleasure Life Path ️

~ Starts 24th July ~

(it's all recorded and lifetime access)

*I will be sharing my signature process I take my VIP Private clients through.* 


Are you ready to be the Magic you wish to see in the world?

8 weeks of

- Weekly Videos on Self Love, Sensual Self Care & Empowerment

- Guided Meditations

- Home Play Practices

- Reading List

- Endocrine/ Hormonal Health Guide

- Tantra for One

- Bonus Partner Practice

- Live Q&A's


Plus: Embodying the 7 Faces of the Goddess


Week 1:

Durga - Fierce Warrioress / Inner Demon Slayer


Week 2:

Quan Yin - The Power of Compassion & Self Empathy 


Week 3:

Isis - Recovering Our Inner Masculine / Grounding & Capacity / Attracting Good Men


Week 4:

Lakshmi - Abundance  & Beauty


Week 5:

Aphrodite - Sex Queen & Sensual Self Care


Week 6:

Ostara - Fertility / Creativity / Your Purpose 


Week 7:

Sekhmet - Priestess / Inner Strength


Week 8:

Integration / Closing Circle 


* $497 for 8 weeks VIP coaching content & lifetime access *




* $297 x 2 monthly payments *


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I developed this course after popular demand. I will only do this once a year. 

My Premium Private Coaching rates are 5k+ this is the only way to work with me otherwise for this low rate. 


I'm not going to spend time convincing you that you are powerful enough, and that you need to take action, make a new choice, invest in yourself and get the massive support, guidance and transformational tools.


That is up to you.


If you know that it's time, that the pain of your "normal" is up to your head, then this is here for you.


If you say yes and decide to stretch yourself to join, I promise you that the transformation starts as soon as you make your financial commitment.


Let's take your life, love, sex, power, and purpose to the next level babe.

It's time.


Latest Testimony: 


"I had Time bending sex multiple times with my boyfriend this week and I really wanted to share  I've never felt so vulnerable or beautiful or safe, he is INCREDIBLE and so so so much fun!!! I'm ALL OVER HIM in THE BEST WAY! 


I've never had sex like this nor has my body ever responded to sex in this way. My whole body blooms open for him it's INCREDIBLE! Thank you thank you thank you for EVERYTHING!! ♡ 


If I'm married in the next year you'll know why  (obviously not only b/c the sex is really great but b/c I've never allowed myself to love like this before and he is a beautiful strong man. I've been waiting for him! ️"


This is from a woman who 6 months ago had a nervous breakdown, had to quit her job, move back in with her parents and put herself into hospital in a suicidal panic from the emotional pain she was in.


She didn't trust that she could find a man like this and that, as she said, she could Love (and be loved) like this. 


She was terrified to do the work with me because she knew that meant feeling the real feelings she'd avoided since a sexual assault two years earlier... 


And as we found out the real feelings she'd not allowed herself to feel since being a young girl... ancestral pain and well, you know all the "normal" social dysfunctions our culture creates to fit people into boxes and stifle their uniqueness.


She really showed up, invested in herself and did the work. Every uncomfortable bit of it.


And this testimony is just one piece of her incredible transformation. 


If she can do it despite all she experienced then you can too.


You are worth it.