Yoni Egg Bundle

Yoni Egg Bundle

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Receive all three Yoni Eggs to squeeze and ignite the deep wellspring of your sexual, emotional, physical and spiritual health and wealth! 

Nephrite Jade is the most traditional, used for centuries by women in in the Royal palaces of China to balance hormones, fertility, and maintain their youthful appearance.

Black Obsidian is the stone to magnetise all the negative energy of stress, trauma, and emotional baggage into the stone that was held in your lovely Vulva and Womb.

Then, fill yourself with Self Lovin' with Rose Quartz! Mmm yes, this stone is the stone of unconditional love, melting the walls around your heart and erogenous zones to connect you to the deep bliss of a heart-sex connection within yourself, and for your lover. 

The stones are all the medium size stone, perfect for beginners, and the most commonly used for all Yoni Egg lovers. 

Comes with your own Yoni Egg ebook practice guide filled with beautiful Tantric exercises. 

Save $30 when you buy all three in this bundle! 

$7 shipping in USA / $15 International Ship

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