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We are the Living Prophecy

Birthing Ourselves Anew

Wholly, Holy and Whole


Our Collective Shadow Inspires Us to Rise and Reclaim Our Power

Our Power as Women and of the Feminine Principle

We serve the Interconnectedness of All of Life

We Protect Life

We Birth Life


We create New Paradigms of Peace

Within Ourselves

With Our Brothers

With Our Shadows

With Our Light


Illuminate and Assimilate the Shadow








We were all made for this Moment


You are here to Uplift this Moment


Bring Your Light


Dear Sister


This Is Your Work


We Are In This Together



Monthly Womb Temple

Dive Deep into a Sacred Sister Container of Co-Creation and Divine Femme Activation

• Authentically commune with sisters
• Feel seen and supported
• Contribute your Medicine
• Receive Divine Feminine Key code Activations
• Dive deep into Practice (Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Prayer, Ceremony, Mantra, Tantra, Art)


Live Virtual Activations

LIVE ZOOM CALL @ 11.33 AM (Hawaii-Aleutian Time) EVERY MONTH

(Zoom is a Free download, Video/Audio Conference style)


Zoom recordings will be kept in a membership area for you when you join Womb Temple,

so you can watch anytime, in your own time. 


Approx 1- 2 hour call - Every New Moon*

*Give or take a day dependant on Lillie's travel/retreat schedule


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Exquisite Extras

Lillie will share added exclusive content and gifts such as other Guest Leaders,

DNA Activations, Priestess Initiations and Sacred Meditations.


Womb Temple Priestesses

The Isis Magdalene Womb Temple is led by Lillie Claire Love and special guest Mentors.


Leyolah Antara, creator of Kundalini Dance and the Temple of Isis Mystery School co-leads our February and March Temple.


Our April New Moon Priestess is Intuitive Channel and Guide Vicky Povey


Monthly Membership

Receive Access to this Divine Portal - Monthly Activations & Initiations

Month to Month.

Cancel Anytime.

$33 month

(See Dropdown for Upgrade Add-ons)



Save $99 and receive all 13 Womb Calls with annual membership

Annual Payment

New Moon Archetype

Every Month we will explore and call upon the Divine Feminine Ascended Master Key Codes within, reclaiming our Fierce, Erotic and Innocence.


Moon 1

February 15th


Isis Magdalene Lineage :: Mystical Sexuality and why sexual healing is a non-negotiable for the contemporary woman


Moon 2

March 17th

Mary Magdalene awakens the Power of the Voice


Moon 3

April 15th

Priestess Isis teaches Sovereignty & Inner Masculine Healing


Moon 4

May 15th

Mother Mary opens the Womb Wisdom


Moon 5

June 13th

Hathor expands the Heart


Moon 6

July 12th

Aphrodite awakens Sacred Sexuality


Moon 7

August 11th

Beautiful Bast brings Bliss


Moon 8

September 9th

Sekhmet strengthens your Sacred No


Moon 9

October 8th

Kali Ma rebirths your Soul


Moon 10

November 7th

Green Tara reveals your Divinity


Moon 11

December 6th

Quan Yin chooses Compassion


Moon 12

January 5th

White Buffalo Woman brings her Sacred Pipe


Moon 13

February 4th

Sophia Christ Light - Sophia Gaia Union


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Join Womb Temple

Option 1: Monthly Womb Temple Mystic Medicine

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