Pleasure Priestess Bizness

Do you desire to create a Bizness that is Aligned to your Soul's Purpose?


Does your Heart call out for Travel, Adventure, Sacred Magic, Sisterhood and loads of Flourishing Abundance?


Do you Dream a Vision that is so BIG, sometimes you get a little (or a lot!) scared to start or take the next step!?







Welcome to Your Pleasure Priestess Bizness Training Program


Not too long ago.. I was living in a trailer riddled with a deep longing to create and live my dream vision.

After burning out on running my Women's Sexual Healing Coaching Bizness in all the wrong ways,

I had major Adrenal and Gut Health issues which rendered me with fatigue and depression.


I held the vision in my Heart...

But I felt hopeless and overwhelmed with how I was ever going to create what my Soul was longing to live.

I knew I couldn't do it how I had before... from scarcity and the constant pushing.


I had the Masculine down for the Bizness Structural Framework,

and now my Body was giving me the perfect opportunity to slow down enough to really listen to how She wanted to Create...


Within a few months I launched my first week long Retreat in my dream location, Bali, I was invited to co-facilitate another with a team of next level Women leaders I admired, and asked to speak and lead Retreats all around the world!


As I took the time to listen - my Soul led me to share this Initiation with YOU. 


You are a Divine Feminine Leader, ready to step into your True Purpose and Live the Life that Lights Up your Soul and the World!


I am honored to guide you and I am so excited for what you will create!



You can do this course in your own time through the Video Portal, with additional Live Calls to support your journey along the way.


Module 1: crystal clear calling

We get clear on your core message, your deep soulful why, your non-negotiables to create healthy biz boundaries, and your soulmate client.

BONUS: Future Femme Frequency Activation


Module 3: magical marketing muse

This is where you start to share your offering from a place of ease, play and flow - marketing becomes magical as you let your radiance shine through!

BONUS: Shine Your Truth Activation


module 2: package Your Pleasure Program

Jumping right in - because there is no time like the now - we create your Offering! Complete with prompts and processes to birth your most pleasure filled program.

BONUS: Magnetic Money Meditation


Module 4: Living your luscious life

You have stepped into living your Dream Vision! You are showing up and shining, doing what fills you will peace, pleasure and power. Let's make it sustainable! 

BONUS: Sensual Self Care & Success Scheduler



Create your dream retreats, online courses,

1:1 coaching, workshops & beyond


There is so much involved on multiple levels of who we are to dive into to create, birth and sustain an abundant and passionate bizness.

The topics we will dive into are:


Money Clearings

Ancestral Deprogramming

Past Life Releasing & Reclamation

Reparenting your Inner Child

Higher Self Activations

Womens Hormonal Health Nutritional Support

Mapping your Moon Cycles for Blissful Bizness Balance

Energetic Enhancements

Sensual Self Love Practices

Sexual Magnetism

Clarity for your Calling

Your Soulmate Client

Marketing Magic

Branding for Badass Babes

Sexy Biz Systems for Success

Playful Program Packaging Practices

Loving Live Videos 

Creating a Turned On Team

Divinely Delegating

Leading Luscious Retreats

Compassion to the Critics

Co- Creating

Upleveling your Magic

Selfless Service


Plus, here's some extra juju for You!




Allie McFee - Womb Cycle Cooking


Emily Hassett - Spirited Web/Brand Biz Babe


Ingrid Arna - 7 Figure Diva Coach