~ A Bodylicious Women's Retreat in B A L I ~

BE ALL OF you.

bold. Beautiful. bountiful.


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A Women's embodiment RETREAT in Bali

5 nights in a beautiful villa with an intimate group of Women who are ready to Explore their Whole Selves, Embody their Truth, Express their Sensuality and Empower One Another as the Divine Feminine Leaders we are!


3rd January 2019 - 8th January 2019

UBUD, Bali, Indonesia

(Photos on this page are not the Resort we will be in for 2019 - coming soon!)

the Villa includes

Private pool, Shower, Safety Deposit Box, Telephone, Air Conditioning, Hairdryer, Kitchenette, Balcony, Refrigerator, Desk, Seating Area, Free toiletries, DVD Player, Bathroom, Slippers, Satellite Channels, Cable Channels, Flat-screen TV, Tile/Marble floor, Electric kettle, Kitchenware, Garden view, Pool view, Terrace, Dining table, Outdoor furniture, Outdoor dining area and Wifi.

Kimmy's creations

Kim will be whipping us up some delicious treats in the kitchen! Seriously, this woman can cook!!

We will learning how easy it can be to eat healthy and get the true nourishment our bodies need to support our wholeness as women.



Saturday -

  • Pilates, Breakfast and journalling

  • 11am - 1pm Tantra Breathwork & Chakra Analysis

  • 2pm - 3pm Lunch

  • 3pm - 5pm Shyama Puja (Self Breast Massage Meditation)

  • 7pm - 9pm Dinner

Sunday - Excursion or Self Day - Suggestions: Journalling, napping, swimming, waterfalls, markets, beach (9 mins walk).

  • Limited 1:1 time with Lillie & Kim available for private sessions



All activities are optional of course, but 'participation' is required to keep the intimate circle safe. Participation means that even if you choose to sit out from engaging in doing a certain practice, you are still showing up to be present for your sisters and self.

You can do this by being physically present, witnessing, sharing your experience in discussions and asking questions from a space of curiosity. Everything that is shared in the Retreat is sacred and safe. It is all confidential. And of course if you need extra rest then let the circle know and take care of yourself.

payment plans available (for FULL price)

Pay in 3, 4 or 5 parts - $555 non-refundable deposit

*Please pay your deposit and contact direct to setup your payment plan*

Payments can be made via Paypal to lilclairelove@gmail.com

See payment plans below or contact Lillie

If you are reading this then you are ready.

There are only 11 spots in this Retreat for a reason.

To keep the circle safe and the energy being created pure for healing.

If you are a client and have received this invite from me personally then you know I know you are ready for this Initiation

This is an Initiation into a sacred system... which you will find the keys to unlock from their secret caves... inside of you.

What's included

  • 5 Nights stay in a luxury villa (private and shared rooms avail)

  • Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners - Veg & Paleo avail

  • 4 Days and 5 Nights of Goddess Tantra, Sensual Yoga, Yoni Egg, Meditation, Healing Practices & Teachings lead by Lillie Claire Love

  • Pilates & Nutrition Guidance by Guest Expert Kim Juster!

  • Time to rest, rejuvenate and integrate

  • A free day where we can go to the gorgeous Waterfalls together, visit the local markets, Ecstatic Dance or stay in for self care, journal or nap time


Kim is the creator of the Shoes Off Pilates Method in Australia. She is a Personal Trainer of 12 years, Pilates Instructor and Nutritional Medicine Practitioner with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine.

Kim has a deep passion for nature, for the wellbeing of all and her gift in supporting others to truly thrive. 

Kim will be leading us each morning in activating our core power which grounds and compliments the deep feminine embodiment we will be exploring.

sAMPLE Schedule

Thursday - Check in 2pm. Intention Circle 5pm. Welcome Dinner 6pm - 9pm

Friday -

  • 7am - 9pm Pilates & Breakfast

  • 9am -11am Free time

  • 11am - 1pm Opening Circle & Tantra Breathwork

  • 1pm - 2pm Lunch

  • 3pm - 5pm Sensual Yoga & Womb Meditation

  • 7pm - 10pm Dinner & Dancing

Monday -

  • Pilates, Breakfast and journalling

  • 11am - 1pm Tantra Breathwork & Goddess Study

  • 2pm - 3pm Lunch

  • 3pm - 5pm Yoni Egg Practice & Yoni Puja (Self)

  • 7pm - 10pm Dinner & Dancing

Tuesday -

  • Pilates, Breakfast and journalling

  • 11am - 1pm Tantra Breathwork & Discussion: Integrating Transformation into our "normal lives" back home

  • 2pm - 3pm Lunch

  • 3pm - 5pm Closing Celebration Drum Sisterhood Circle

  • 7pm - 10pm Dinner & Skinny Dipping ;)


Total cost including 5 nights luxury accommodation, all healthy meals provided and VIP Tantra Teaching is $3333 USD*!

EARLYBIRD  (before November 1st 2018) ~ $2888*!!! Save $500!

*Double Occupancy room

Single Occupancy Private Villa ~ $4111 USD

why you want to be here

Okay it's obvious why you would want to be there. Ummm...

Bali. Beaches. Babes. ;)

But honestly, this Retreat is going to be so damn transformational for your beautiful Soul it is beyond words...

Maybe you are at a crossroads and you need a healing experience for your tender Heart...

Or maybe you are so exhausted of your own wounded story, you know something has to change, and it starts with you!

Or simply, you know that it's time to truly live from your body, to embody the magic, cherish the present and step the Heaven up! 

When Women come together, things really happen. Healing truly occurs and wholeness is restored in our lives. 

I believe with every ounce of my Being that Women will save the World.  This is a week where we will go deep into the realm of our Women's' Wisdom and uncover the Magic that the World so desperately needs right now.

This is a call for the Women who are ready to RISE UP TOGETHER and change shit for good. 

ADDED 2 DAY tantra LEVEL 1 certification

If you desire to become certified to teach Tantra and Goddess Healing practices then this will equip you with tools from the Sri Vidya Tantric lineage (of the Left-Hand path) passed to me through my late Teacher, Psalm Isadora and her late teacher Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswathi at Devipuram Guruji along with all other teachings and methods from Lillie’s Healing toolkit.

To receive Level 1 Teacher Training you must attend the 5 day retreat plus the following 2 days on 9-11th January. The 8th will be a rest/integration day.

Full Price for Level 1 certification is $5555

Before Nov 1st 2018 is $4888 (shared rooms only)

Reserve your space now for The Goddess Healing Bali Retreat

or book your spot in full now!

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*No Refunds on Deposits, Early Bird or Full Rates*


Is Tantra a Religion?

In India, some consider it to be a religion. For others it's simply a spiritual practice, a way that they connect to the Union of the Universe. There are many forms of Tantra, just as the Yogic path has many lineages. Or like in the Australian Aboriginal culture they have many different tribes with their own storylines too. 

The Tantra path I was taught is of a "left hand" path. This means it's the most open, flexible, adaptable and non-dogmatic of all other lineages. It sees everything as Sacred, from the Divine Source of Creative energy, and it has no judgment. Therefore, with no harsh judgment for who one is, how they 'practice connecting with Love' (being in nature, friendships, volunteering...), they are celebrated and honored.  

Do I have to be "spiritual" to do this retreat? 

No. The only thing you have to be is open minded and willing to dive in and give it all a good go. You are interested for a reason so you may as well come with a goal to be as open as you can and discover what else might be possible for you, your relationships and your life.

Besides, we are all spiritual in some way, whether it's through walking in a park and you sense peace, or laughing with your kids... it's a beautiful depth of life that can only be felt, not "seen". 

I'm really self conscious of my body, do I have to be nude with other women?

Of course you don't have to! But I can promise you that you'll be caring a million times less about your body after this incredible body- loving week! 

What if I am going through menopause or past it?

Great! I have worked with women going through menopause and long after it too. Doing these practices at a time when your internal rhythms are changing is a wonderful time to recommit to your sensual life and connection with yourself. A 71 year old woman had her first orgasm ever through this work!

I'm older. What are the ages of the women going?

I love love love when the beautiful Wise Women grace these circles. You have a lot to teach us that are not yet in this phase of womanhood. The women generally range from 24 - 74, but it's open to all (not children).

I believe it is extremely important for women of all ages and walks of life to commune and learn from each other. 

I think I'm past my "sexual" time... Though it would be nice to feel it again.

I promise you can feel it again! I have many clients and mentors who are much older than me and they are so turned on and juiced up by life! Sexual energy is much more about sex, it's aliveness, it's passion, it's creativity, it's beauty, it's vigour! Plus these women report that their sex now is so much more free and deep than what they experienced in their 20's and 30's! 

And if you are still young and saying that, then I also can assure you it's there, it just hasn't be nurtured or given the space in a while. The best thing you can do is give yourself time and space away from the duties and the roles you have to play back home, and come play with us! 

Will this help me to heal sexual trauma? 

Yes. It is a safe place to heal. This is an immersive experience where you will be guided, supported and honored to go as deep as you feel is right for you to release painful memories or emotions.

Many women know about their trauma, others do not, or feel they don't have any. We all have a level of it through social, cultural and religious shame that has been prominent in our society for centuries. As much as we will be celebrating our sexy selves this week, we will also be doing deep healing for ourselves and our sisters around the world. 

Are the other women going to judge me?

No, no, no. Not on my watch! The women who I work with are very open about the wounds that have come up with other women. The competitive, judging or jealous tendencies that we have all felt from another woman or been before, this is the space to heal that too.

We will be real with each other in compassionate communication. I do not tolerate any kind of meanness in my programs, and I have never had that happen because I have such a strong intention that it is a kind, loving space for all. 

I have never done any of this before, what can I expect?

Oh you are in for such a wild, wonderful ride! Life is about to get so full and fun! It's kinda hard to put into words for what you will experience but here's my attempt; peace, uplifting, growth, newness, discovery, wonder, pleasure, a sense of empowerment, clarity, understanding, gratitude, softness, joy, passion, certainty, amazement, heart stretching wider, love, deep deep contentment, and a feeling of "Let's do this forever!!!" 

I don't have a Yoni Egg, will I need one?

You don't need one, you can do the practices without, but it will take your experience up a few notches! I will have some available at the retreat so let me know if you are interested in claiming one. 

Travel Tips

1. Book your flight sooner, flights are approx $610 return from Los Angeles and $385 from Sydney, Australia. 

2. You may want to get there on the 23rd and stay in a bungalow for a night to settle the jetlag. Or make it a longer stay before or after to see more of beautiful Bali!

3. We will all be convening via email beforehand to coordinate landing times, sharing shuttles to the Villa and if anyone wants to meet up with each other before check in on the 24th! 


Thank you to my Teacher, Psalm Isadora.

We will carry the torch of light within, and shine bright for all women to be free.  

Lillie LovE