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sexual magnetism retreat @ synergida, costa rica
April 16-20th 2018

Sexual healing and integration is called for now more than ever. As you rebalance and heal your sexual energy in a safe environment, you will feel more empowered, balanced and grounded. The information you receive in this retreat can help you magnetize your life partner, go to the next level with your current partner, and will even help you magnetize your ideal clients.

divine union desert retreat @ house of om, dubai
April 26-28th 2018

The Union of the Divine within and without. It is time for the Masculine and Feminine to come together, to be woven and supported as One. In sacred space He will listen to Her, and She will listen to Him. They revere and respect each others Gifts and it is a Gift to be in each others Presence. Together, they learn, laugh, make love and create Heaven on Earth. 

Greece priestess retreat
July 18-22nd 2018

The Priestess Pleasure Path is full of Purpose, Passion and Prosperity. Juicy European Seas surround as you bathe in sensual Greece and sink deeper into the Remembrance of your Soul, the joys of your body and the Wisdom of your Womb. Get ready to Awaken and Express yourself like your Soul came to experience. Your Voice, Vision and Vibration is needed in the world, now stronger than ever. It's time to Shine.


Divine Feminine Leadership

The Time is Now to step into your power as the Leader that you are. You are here to play your part in bringing the Divine Feminine back Home. To guiding yourself back Home. To supporting the Women and Men to Remember they are Love and that Love is the answer. The Earth is our Home and She calls you into union with her ways. Are you listening to her roars and her silent tears? It is Time Sister. It is Time for you to Rise Up and Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.


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Join Lillie for a one or two VIP day adventure of sisterhood, laughter, expansion, healing and deeping into your Priestess Power. We meet anywhere in the world, we eat beautiful foods, drink green juice, we take in the beauty of our environment and we dive deep into releasing any blocks so you can step fully into the peace, pleasure and power that you are. 


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